Asking Alexandria – Stand Up and Scream

Founded just two years ago, York, North Yorkshire, Englander's Asking Alexandria broke out into the music scene when Ben Bruce (lead guitar) had contacted some old friends after his return to English from Dubai. As for today, the current line-up of Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop (vocals), Cameron Liddell (rhythm guitar), Sam Bettley (bass guitar) and James Cassells (drums). Over the years of their musical career the band put out a self-released EP titled "Tomorrow. Hope. Goodbye." After its arrival the band began to gain quite the recognition from the national and the international outlets. Resulting in record deals with Sonicwave Intentional in the U.S. and Hangman’s Joke Recording's in the U.K. Whilst doing all of this, the band released a full-length album "The Irony of Your Perfection" via their U.K. label following that release came a nine-mouth trek of touring but sadly this tour never came into full view. Once the aftermath had departed, Bruce had decided to start fresh once again and from this day forth "Stand Up and Scream" would be their calling.

So after gathering everything up and having a refreshing start, Asking Alexandria spent the 08/09 years touring as well as finding themselves getting signed onto Sumerian Records after finishing recording and writing their latest release "Stand Up and Scream". The album goes without saying that it's built on a solid ground of guitar riffs with double bass drifts that keeps the music rolling, rolling, and rolling. Thus "Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)", has a rather catchy chorus structure that reads "Just stand up and scream, the tainted clock is counting down (faster, and faster)" which sums up the album's name. "Hey There Mr. Brooks", features a guest appearance of Alesana's Shawn Milke who adds a rather in-depth approach to what lyrical feature this tune revolves around which is the film, Mr. Brooks which it is based off of.

"I Used to Have a Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me an STD)", is a question mark indeed because as the title says "He" gave me an STD" brings to mind if Asking Alexandria may be unaware of their sexuality or perhaps there just poking fun whichever the case, this song is filled with rattling guitar riffs with over the top fast yet bouncy vocals that makes the music pop.

"Stand Up and Scream", showcases who Asking Alexandria is and what they have achieved but just how far do you think they can go? Only a matter of time before “Reckless and Relentless” vengeful appearance….

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