Motionless In White - Creatures

A new breed of darkness is upon is and it isn’t a pretty sight. Pennsylvanian’s Motionless In White drew in their legion of fans with the debut release of their EP “When Love Met Destruction” (2009). Now with the release of yet another debut, this time an LP “Creatures”, there is no telling as to how far this darkness will seep into our skin.

Whilst this release has been in high demand, Motionless In White have been hard at work getting everything just right. Now then, “Creatures” entwines the gothic realm with an industrial boost of brutalizing breakdowns with intensifying guitar riffs that just makes this music shiver and shout. Shout being the case for the vocal portion that is given on this long overdue release. With that said, the band’s love for horror movies, myths, and the vampire culture has made such tracks as “We Only Come Out At Night”, “Cobwebs”, and “Undead Ahead’ the most ghoulish.

It is indeed noticeable that the band has grown a part from their EP structure and expanded into a more in-depth reality of darkness that, the previous release just couldn’t quite cover. “Creatures” is hands down an anticipated release that has been highly overdue but now that the wait is over, Motionless In White await your approval. 

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