Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra

Three years have passed since we last heard anything from Norwegian black metallers Dimmu Borgir. In 2007 their eighth studio album to date "In Sorte Diaboli", was released now it's time for what's awaiting on the horizon, "Abrahadabra". This goes into saying that since the departure of ICS Vortex (bass and clean vocals), Musits (keyboard), and Hellhammer (drums) that Dimmu Borgir have been up to nothing but keeping busy. As such, this ninth release has been in production for eleven months featuring numerous amounts of additions to boot - such as orchestra as well as even having a choir. Shagrath has even returned to do his role of not only vocalizing but performing duties for the keyboarding post. With all of this material out in the open, "Abrahadabra", has become a one worded album title as to their other releases being three worded titles.

As far as this album is concerned its production is superb in every way possible sounding better than anything that this band has put forth in a long time. As such, "Xibir", is the instrumental yet symphonic opener for the album that generates a demonic yet haunting sensation that builds the music up, up, up. Soon after the song's departure "Born Treacherous", starts with a distorted guitar riff with thunderous bass beats that is overpowered by Shagrath's vocal attics. The orchestra comes right along while the drums keep in tone with the temp having it going fast but heavy from start to finish. "Gateways", was the leading single off this album that featured front-woman, Agnete Kjølsrud of Djerv who adds an additional effect that keeps this music progressive yet quite pulsing.

Now here is a tune you'd likely hear, a self-titled tune but don't get me wrong there have been these beforehand but one titled after the band is quite alluring. Obviously this song has a high anticipation for its results and surely it does not disappoint. The song in close has some clean vocals with choir sections that allow the keyboardist to shine right on through taking this song to a melody driven path that directs the whole thing into its proper alignment. "Abrahadabra", ends up becoming a solid piece of work rounding up with such tunes as "The Demiurge Molecule", and "A Jewel Traced through Coal", extract that solid ground material that makes this album so addictive yet so impulsive.

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