Emily Osment - Fight or Flight

American teen actresses and singer songwriter Emily Jordan Osment best known as Lilly Truscott on the Disney nominated sitcom Hannah Montana has made quite the name for herself. Not only has she become a pop icon from the Pop Diva Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana character but has also gained a fame in other outlets, co-starring in Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. She also starred as Cassie in R.L. Stine's: The Haunting Hour Vol. 1: Don't Think About It and most recent addition Melissa Morris on Disney Channel's movie Dadnapped. Osment has expanded her acting career in wanting to go whole a whole another route in the ways of music.

Just as her pop counter partner Miley Cyrus's has done, Emily Osment has gone the alternative indie rock route with such hits as "I Don't Think About It,” and "If I Didn't Have You". Co-star Mitchel Musso joined Osment in most recent release "Once Upon a Dream". "All the Right Wrongs" was Osment's debut EP that did quite well for what it was but after exposing herself to the alternative indie rock scene Osment went on to do a continuation with the release of her debut full-length "Fight or Flight", released via Wind-up Records. After beginning work on the album in late 2009 into early 2010 she worked with producers Toby Gad (Fergie, Beyonce) Nellee Hooper (Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani) and Mandi Perkins to get everything just right. "Let's Be Friends" turned out to be the leading single off the album that has gotten quite the buzz since its release. As such the tune provides a rather upbeat yet snazzy beat with powerful in-depth vocals with covering lyrics that makes the music bounce in every possible direction.

"Lovesick", happens to be yet another indie rock driven tune that really captures Osment's approach to what style of music she is going with here. Her style blends the same attics as Hannah Montana does with her material except add on a little Selena Gomez and you pretty much get the picture. Another mentionable tunes include, "You Get Me Through" as well as "Truth or Dare", "Double Talk", and "All the Boys Want".

Emily Osment’s debut EP had given us a glimpse into what would become of her now that we have the results thus far, there is little telling as to where it will all end up next. 

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