Seek Harbour Releases New Video Single "Fortune VS. Favour"


Following a lineup change and the introduction of new vocalist Aimee Allin, Seek Harbour recently returned with two big tracks ‘Skin vs Chrome’ and ‘Emotion vs Motion’. Their next single ‘Fortune vs Favour’ is out on the 15th March 2024. The band have previously had support from the likes of BBC, Kerrang Radio (Featured Artist Of The Week), Kerrang (Top 20 Chart), Dreambound, TotalRock (Single Of The Week), Idioteq, Noizze, RTE2XM, and more and have already accrued over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone across previous releases. The band tour the UK with Colt 45 in May 2024 and have plans for a busy year ahead, having already toured with Skies in January.

Aimee Allin - “Fortune vs. Favour was quite fun to rework to my vocal style, being able to bounce off of Ed's more melodic sound with something quite punchy made for an interesting dynamic. I think that's the one thing I've enjoyed most in the recording process - being able to work with Ed vocally and find our sound and then push each other to do better.”

Edwin Hall -  “The idea behind Fortune vs. Favour was there for a while, having a more uplifting and a more pop-based sound than the other 3 tracks - but we were missing a chorus for a while. We kept flinging ideas around and nothing really shone. Chris had an epiphany that we haven't had a slower-paced chorus for quite some time, nothing really since Ghost & Shadow, which people love singing along to live, they love the slow and powerful chorus it has. So after some searching he noticed the vocal sample at the beginning - that almost sounds holy like it's being sang in a church - had a bit of a vibe to it. It gave Chris the idea behind the chorus hook and thus the track was born. The track is primarily about how some are fortunate in their living circumstances by having been born into an easier life than we realise and one we take for granted. Sometimes life favours others but ultimately we are fortunate enough, we are luckier than we know. We long for all these things but all we really need is staring us in the face. All this time waiting to be chosen, to be lucky - but we always have been. Right where we belong. Of course as always the track is written to be interpreted as the listener feels. How they can apply it to themselves and their own life is what matters ultimately.”

Check out the video here -

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