Gloryhammer and Twilight Force Team-Up for the Fantasy Battle of Dragons and Unicorns in LA


U.K. British power metal band Gloryhammer was founded by keyboardist Christopher Bowes, lead vocalist of the band Alestorm. The rest of the band members represents a character, within the concept story behind the band and its array of album releases. Each member appearing on stage in armour and costumes to portray their respective characters during a performance. Which brings us to their most current U.S. run titled "The Red, White, And Hoots" Tour with special guests Twilight Force!

This touring cycle running for the past 4 weeks of the month of March wrapping up this coming Easter weekend! Making a pit stop in Los Angeles, California stopping at The Regent, in Downtown Los Angeles. Having lined up just about when doors were set to open at 6PM, people lined up out front, slowly being admitted inside. Once in, grabbed some pizza at the restaurant next door, within the venue, heading into the venue soon afterwards.

Once inside, heading upstairs, taking in the views, spotting the merchandise area, quickly heading back downstairs to browse the selection, picking up some items, then catching the openers Twilight Force. Their performance was unbelievable, lasting for a good 30-45 minutes, they grasped the audience instantly, with their power metal antics, harmonic vocals, and even fiercer instrumentals, the whole crowd was into it. Being from Sweden, the band has released quite a catalog of material, they too, adoring costumes and being very in character upon the stage. Their keyboardist having that very "story teller" voice, portraying the story as the songs were performed. A lot of their material citing such role playing games, fantasy, dragons, like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering among others. Their attire was very appealing, everyone there being into it, cheering them on, with the band tossing a baby dragon into the crowd, the crowd of on lookers, tossing it among the audience, with others knocking themselves around with swords, hammers, and shields. Throughout the performance though, the band and crowd alike, were enjoying themselves, the symphonic power metal angst truly delivering in all means possible. This being one band to not miss out on at all.



Next up would be headliners Gloryhammer, whom having caught live once before, back in 2023 in May, when they were touring alongside Alestorm, where their performance was just as grand as it was tonight. Opening the night with a minor tribute to "Sir Tom Jones" featuring a Tom Jones cut out, with one of his tracks playing in the back drop, the crowd dug it. After said number finished, the band and fog slowly commenced, as each of the six members each appeared on stage, and then the night hit full force. For the next hour and 30 minutes, the band chanted, clapped, sang, and brought out the fantasy in fledged force. The crowd cheered, sang, and ran about in the mosh pit, again using their play weapons of hammers and swords against themselves. While others were just eating it all up. A lot of the songs featured unicorns, fire, traveling across far lands, some crowd goers shouting "Where are we going?"

To wrap up their set the band was finishing with the crowd wanting more with an encore, the band concluded with a unicorn track that caused an uproar of excitement. So much so, that a unicorn appeared running on the screen, with all the crowd unicorns myself included, ran among-st themselves, really galloping for joy. It was just so much fun, there is no words for it. That is how much fun and entertainment that these musicians provided. 



Whilst it was just two bands performing, both were fantasy worthy. Gloyrhammer delivering a unicorn fun filled evening, with openers Twilight Force, bringing out the dragons from the dungeons, causing both acts to create such a team up, it made the music so mystical it was memorable for all.


1. Delilah (Tom Jones Cover Song)
2. Incoming Transmission
3. Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost
4. Gloryhammer
5. The Land of Unicorns
6. Fly Away
7. Angus McFife
8. 2001 Sunrise
9. Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol
10. Hollywood Hootsman
11. Fire Eternal
12. Masters Of The Galaxy
13. Sword Lord
14. Siege of Dunkeld
15.Keeper of The Celestial Flame
16. Universe On Fire
17. Hootsforce
18. The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee
19. The National Anthem Of Unst

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