Destruction Brings a Diabolical Madness to the City of LA

Well 2021 had seen me go to a theme park out in San Diego called Legoland where I caught pop rock act Kids Imagine Nation play, thanks to a contest I had won. But since then no other type of experience from a concert perceptive had taken place since 2020 for me. Tonight in Los Angeles out in the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles, at the 1720 warehouse venue where I had ventured before, is where I would return to capture Germany's own thrash titans Destruction! It being 7 years since seeing them last way back when in 2015 when they were co-headliner's with Sepultura. This time though Destruction would be the headliner's taking part in what they titled the "Diabolical North American Tour 2022". This touring trek taking alongside them Brazilian band Nervosa, as well as other acts such as Sunlord and VX36.

Having gotten to the venue a tad late, I caught the last bits of Sunlord’s set and from what I heard and saw after entering the venue was quite good to say the least. But up next came Brazil’s own Nervosa, whom I had yet to ever see live, missing their previous appearances within California. But now was the time to witness their presence first hand, them seeing for an extensive 45 minutes! The setlist consisted of such tracks as “Perpetual Chaos”, “Guided by Evil”, “Blood Eagle”, off their latest album “Perpetual Chaos” released back in 2021. Other tracks from previous works included "Into Moshpit", "Kill the Silence", Masked Betrayer" and "Under Ruins", all of which caused the mosh pit to bust within! Literally everyone within it went from left to right, circular to every which other way possible really, it erupted in pure chaos! Fans new and possibly old did be entertained by the all female group that is Nervosa. Their presents as a whole brought the fun, energy and excitement Los Angeles had lost from the two years prior. Surely a band to be seen again and again in the future.


Next were the headliner’s of the night Germany’s own Destruction! Opening the set up came the track “Under the Spell”, followed by “Diabolical” the title track of their newest album, with tracks following suite called “Death Trap”, and “Nailed to the Cross”. This foursome of material caused the chaos from before to really explode, as all there cheered and shouted, fists and metal horns raised high above their heads, each fan singing along if not pushing one another in the mosh pit never slowing down.


The setlist continued with other tracks like “Mad Butcher”, “Born to Perish”, “No Faith In Humanity”, Tormentor”, “The Butcher Strikes Back”, “Curse the Gods”, “Thrash to Death” and “Bestial Invasion”. These tracks really setting off the entire room really, the mosh pit especially being thrown for a loop, as non-stop movement was consistent. I myself jumping into the mix of things, enjoying myself rather nicely, headbanging along to the tunes, and hoping along as well within the walls of the mosh pit itself at times. It was a beloved experience that kept the rush in me alive and well.


Destruction did interact with the audience throughout their performance at times, celebrating that being back in Los Angeles felt so good after two long years, everyone else there, myself included roared with approval. Whilst face masks and the pandemic at hand may still be among-st the mists of the world, it did not prevent metal fans from being thrashed to the bitter end of this tormented night of souls that needed a release of energetic proportions. 


1. Under the Spell

2. Diabolical

3. Death Trap

4. Mad Butcher

5. Repent Your Sins

6. Born to Perish

7. No Faith in Humanity

8. Life Without Sense

9. Release From Agony

10. Tormenter

11. The Butched Strikes Back

12. Tormented Soul

13. Inspired by Death

14. Curse the Gods

15. Thrash Til Death

16. Bestial Invasion

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