Gothic Prophet is a high energetic female-fronted band whose style takes the likes of symphonic metal, hard rock, and operatic metal as well. With this combination they have released a new single titled “Perfect Perfidy”, the track brings to mind a lot of other bands, whose styling sounds a lot like Gothic Prophet’s. Take for instance, Epica, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and others such as Leaves’ Eyes, Sirenia, and Within Temptation. Upon hearing the track in question though, the track as the band puts it, has driven guitars, soaring but strong vocalization, an enthralling songwriting. Thrown together created atop a story involving a disappearance that happened back in 1985 over an 8 year old Cherrie Mahan, the track just raptures at all costs. The track is very fulfilling, moving, and just downright captivating really. The instrumentation just builds upon itself, really expressing this undertone that makes the music so entertaining. It’s more of an embrace when listening, it being a never ending story, just as a lot of their other tracks tend to be. All stories, telling said story, within the tone of the music provided. In short, Gothic Prophet has got a styling, that may sound a lot alike to others, but the way they create the music within themselves, it’s what makes their abilities soar both intensely and creepily with such depth it works however you listen to it.

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