Roses Unread - Rapture

Roses Unread are a lot like many other modernized female fronted bands, such as Stitched Up Heart, Skarlett Riot, and Tonight Alive, to name a few. It's shown rather nicely upon their most recent EP release titled "Rapture" barely released in 2019. With that, they have such tracks as the title opener, being very productive, energetic, and feisty. Whereas "The Ugly Truth", and "Lying to Yourself", keep a more calmer sensation, but still heavy yet intense at times, especially the melodic vocal tones within "Lying to Yourself".  The remaining tracks like "Be No One" and "Zy", are a rather good closure to the EP as a whole, each one be different yet unique.  For the most part, Rose Unread is one of those new comers, who may have gotten started some time ago, but since then have had an array of content, that satisfy’s the listener. Their works can be hard rocking with a dash of heaviness to keep the flow of the music, entertaining yet melody driven, that keeps it well kept and balanced. Surely more work’s from them as far as the future goes, should be just as griping as the material found upon this EP they titled “Rapture”.

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