Sharon LIa Band – Why Can’t We Pretend

"Why Can't We Pretend", is as clear as can be, as far as sound goes, put it simply as how the single is about, mixing the likes of Adele's infamous track "Hello" crossed with Evanescence's infamous track "My Immortal", that is how precisely this track is depicted and it couldn't be more right on point. So much melody and energy given off from it from start to finish. The vocalization added on just makes it come full circle, it’s no wonder, not many know of the Sharon LIa Band.

Thus with this said, this track is one that many should  hear right here, right now because if not, many would be missing out on quite a bit. Moving forward, the song’s structure is filled with such fulfillment, energy, and thus so much effort, it has such a leftover essence that will be heard even when the song is not heard. There are so many ways to discuss this track, because it is so meaningful and powerful it is uncanny at times how good of a track it is whilst listening.

The comparisons have been given and they could not be more right. Yes the songs compared are well known by acts many have heard prior, if not at least once, but that is what makes this one track stand out on it’s own accordance. The vocals and music alone, are what make this track really stand strong and out for all to take in as a whole. Vocals are really in-depth and powerful sounding, while the music just builds upon that, capturing this overwhelming angst that just stuns you.

Overall really Sharon LIa Band’s stand out of a track “Why Can’t We Pretend”, is just one of those tracks, that will get recognized soon enough for sure. It is this track, and it’s performers behind it, that will make them grow ever so further with not just their careers musically, but as individuals as well.

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