Queasy Discloses Matters of New EP and Themselves!

U.K. go getters QUEASY have a self-titled EP release out now, and have some time to disclose some details of the EP along with some matters on themselves. Find out what was said of this all below.

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

Hi! We are band called QUEASY from Manchester, England. We have 4 members in the band: Jack - vocals, Solly - guitar, Alex - bass, and Kane - drums.

2. Disclose the matter behind the band's formation and how you guys met?

Jack and Kane met at primary school, and have been friends ever since. Jack then met Solly and Alex while studying music at university in Manchester.

3. Can you tell me about your debut music video and the track titled "Build A Wall"?

It’s a commentary about the current political situation the world is facing, particularly with the shift in political attitudes in the USA, and here in the UK with Brexit. The song questions why people would think the best solution is to build a wall! We’re all about the love!!

4. Does this track come off your self-titled EP or is it a stand alone single?

Build a Wall was a stand-alone single that we released last year.

5. Do you know what the next track will be made into the next single and or video release for this EP?

We are treating all of the songs as equal, so we're aiming to have some sort of media support for all of the songs from the EP.

6. Why did you want to go ahead with naming this EP after yourselves by self-titling it, as opposed to saving that for your full-length album instead?

We’re treating this EP as a showcase for who we are and what we can do, rather than having a specific concept or anything like that. This runs in line with why we are treating all of the songs as equal. We wanted to make a statement, that ‘this is us!’

7. When it comes to the way the band sounds like, how would you describe it to those who have never heard you before?

Funk/Alt Rock, with inspirations from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, would probably be a good start.

8. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of the music that you guys create and or play?

We’re a pretty broad church when it comes to themes and concepts. For us as musicians, and as a band, the creative process is central to who we are, and how we respond to the world around us.

9. How did the namesake of QUEASY come into the picture and what does it mean?

We were at a party at university and one of us had partied too hard, they said they were feeling a bit queasy.  The name stuck after that.

10. Did it take you guys a long time to write and record for this EP?

We’re always writing new material and developing our sound, the songs that made it onto this EP worked well together because of the nature of the release. For the recording we worked with Mark Winterburn from Edge Studios in Macclesfield, we used his experience to achieve our aims. The fact that he was a joy to work with was a bonus!

11. Have any leftover material that will be used towards the next release whether that be another EP or perhaps an album?

There’s lots more new music coming from us soon, keep a look out.

12. What does the band plan to do in celebration of the EP's release day?

We’re having a launch party at Jimmy’s in Manchester on the 29th March. We’ve also got a load of new merch that ties in with our new logo,  the EP itself on physical format (CD), and some QUEASY T-shirts, all of which you can buy at our gigs.

13. Will you guys be heading out on tour or doing any shows in the future?

New dates are always being added to our calendar, you can check our Facebook and Twitter for more details. We're also playing in London in June, at the 02 Islington, which we're really excited about!

14. Anything else you would like to address at this time for us?

Yes, get us over to California!

15. Is that your final answer to our questions asked here?

We hope our answers have been a portal into the QUEASY mind.

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