Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer – For Tha Crown

Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer has come back with another release in this extensive discography at hand this release being an EP titled "For Tha Crown". The EP isn't your typical type of EP as it features 14-tracks of overbearing material, than your average EP range of content, as far as tracks go. Most EP releases contain anywhere from 1-2 tracks if not perhaps 4 or maybe 8 at the maximum. This EP reaching that high rate of 14-tracks is just interesting to say the least. The title track "For Tha Crown", opens up the EP, and is rather a nice cut. The background noise that is the music portion of the actual track, does sound decent enough, whilst the vocalization parts sound just about right.  Following this opener, come other tracks such as "Fly Away Homie", "Pocket Of Money", "Dead And Gone", "She's A Bunny Hopper", "The Old Box", and "So Hot So So", are probably the likely tracks to stand out from all the rest to come off this EP. Each one of these just has the same melody source as the opener had. A tone of beat that has a flow, that never slows, it just keeps up, never messing around. Vocalization again keeps up with the music’s melodies, just enough that everything works together to sound just right enough. All in all really, this EP that is “For Tha Crown”, just makes it an EP release that will keep you intrigued and delighted through and through.

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