The Band of the Hawk - Ch@o!

The Band of the Hawk have returned to release a new track titled "Ch@o!". This track playing the lead card as the leading single for the upcoming release "#BOHUP Vol.2" out this year. This single gives you a preview of what is to come from this reassembly of the Hawk squad, known as The Band of the Hawk or known as also as The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew.

This entire track consists of just one single track with seven individuals putting in their two cents to the one track, it bringing out all there is about the hip hop and rap styling that comes best from The Band Of Hawk. That said, this track plays out, as it sounds, while it is just one track, there are more than one putting in their share to it. Several artists put in moment to shine, each one offering a different variety, the same beat of melody remains throughout though. It is a nice touch, as each artist shares their own verse of word, to the beat, making it sound nice. As for the beat, it remains the same, pausing here and there, while having other background noises within the backdrop, as each artist again shares their part of the moment. Not much else to be said about the track or it's artists really. The beat is nice, and each artist has its time, each sounding different, but still sounding unique and original.

All in all, The Band of the Hawk has returned with yet another track, that showcases what they got available and how it has showcased itself. This being just one of many to surely come from that upcoming release BOHUP Vol.2". Nothing else to be said here, except this act has got the creativity continually flowing, and more material will follow suite, keeping the rhyming and beats in check, each and every time, sung and the melody flowing.

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