WARKUNT - Tor(n)ment

WARKUNT takes the death metal genre on full force, when it comes to their EP release "Tor(n)ment". Their choice of the genre is not just death metal, but the old school death metal styling's many others have done prior. So then, how does the EP "Tor(n)ment", withstand said genre, well it does so fairly well. The 3-track release, stands firm upon the old school death metal genre choice, it is fierce, grounded, and downright brutal! The vocalization and instruments used throughout the EP, are clearly well thought out, put into effect their stance, of being heavy duty, yet has you begging for more, than the mere minor offering available. This is how musicians need to take their music, having the listener at hand, just not having enough, needing more, if not much more than that. WARKUNT does just this, with their EP "Tor(n)ment", an act of its kind, bringing a genre back around once more, to define it for what it is worth.

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