Battlesword - Banners Of Destruction

For almost twenty years, Battlesword has still managed to hold up amongst the time gasp between their existence. Dating back to releasing a few demos and a debut EP "Falling in Triumph", it would take them quite some time before releasing anything more. In fact, thirteen whole years would pass until the release of their next debut release, that came in the form of a full-length album titled "Banners of Destruction". Now as soon as the opener begins, the album takes you on a journey of fantastic elements; that come in the way of melodic realms, this being the genre choice of which they decided upon, that being melodic death metal. But having a similar flare to that of which being Amon Amarth crossed with Kreator aspect and some appeal from Bolt Thrower. These showcased in such tracks as "Spirit to the Flesh", "The Unnamed Magic", "Grave New World", "The Silence Of Victory", "Circle Of Witches", and even "Bloodlust Symphony". While these tracks may have some similarities to these other acts mentioned, let this not fool you, but it is just a mere twist on Battlesword's true originality. Their uniqueness and originality is brought full circle, within these tracks, as the material is made into a solid mix of groundbreaking works, that become satisfying. Vocal chords being fierce, while the instrumental portions performed by the guitars, bass, and drums, provide an intense hook, keeping you entertained and highly interested. In other words, the works upon "Banners of Destruction", is heavy, melodic, and fun to hear, throughout its entirety.

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