Kings Will Fall - Thrash Force One

Thrash metal go getters Kings Will Fall went on to release their first official music video of the track "Toxic War", which comes off their debut album "Thrash Force One". While it may be a somewhat opener to this release, "Toxic War" has an instrumental intro in the form of the opening track "In Dead & Mud & Misery", a track following the concept of the entire album being wars, devastation and the terrible consequences it all comes down to. When first hearing the background effects of that instrumental number, you are set up with a mere vision of what war is like, whether that be the war happening now or the war's of the past. Either way you get an ideal real quick which has the opener leading right into their single "Toxic War". The high speed track takes on the thrash metal genre at full force, with not just its brutality but harsh vocal work as well. It's how this entire album works itself around the material pretty much, you get brutality, harsh vocal chords, with an even tenser feel of what the guitars, bass, and drums put in for good effect. A lot of which can be shown upon such tracks as "Shots For Glory", "Burn All Fuel", "Endless Pain", and "Damage Crown". These tracks being fierce, fast, and downright heavy duty, that the material brings to mind such as Warbringer, Kreator, and even classic Slayer elements. The remaining number of tracks, consist of these same type of monumental energy, with thunderous force, that it just becomes a release, with a band that sounds solid, yet groundbreaking, that any further works to come out of them, shall not disappoint, but bring determination and demolishment.

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