In Vein - Veiled In Pain

In Vein had gone on to do a live cover of The 69 Eyes' classic "Lost Boys" track based off the classic film. This leading them to being not just influenced by The 69 Eyes, but other goth, industrial acts as well. These being Dope Stars, Type O Negative and Deathstars to name a few. As many others bring out a similar flare of familiarity, In Vein manages to suck in all that is here to make an EP that is still filled to the brim with pure darkness, this being called "Veiled In Pain". This deliverance of material, being very much like these acts they take influence from, except their take is very original. In Vein having their own energy flow, theirs being more faster, making the instruments more tempered than anything else, whereas the vocalization is put to good use, as the vocal chords are more in-depth having a gloomy appeal, keeping it harsh yet refreshing. Such songs to keep in mind would be "Die Again" and "Heartblades", to which these really capture in on the originality that In Vein possesses. Their material is very elevating, drawing in a wider grasp that will allure and uphold all that is found within the "Veiled In Pain" EP.

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