Vampires Everywhere! got their start in 2009 lasting all the way through 2013. Then a hiatus, struck as frontman vocalist Michael Orlando decided to pursue other projects, including his rock n' metal act The Killing Lights, releasing an debut EP with singles and video releases. This of course took a back seat as Vampires Everywhere! had made a comeback announcing it's revival and word of new material, in which would end up as their third full-length album titled "Ritual". Releasing not one but four singles off it, including "Black Betty", "Take Me To Church", "Ghost Inside My Head", and "Perfect Lie". These single selections off this release, were suitable to say the least, easily being catchy, and easily caught on to its listening audience, as the band took things on the road, performing a lot of the newer material, than the previous works. These were the songs, that got their old fans and new fans to get into their style of metal, rock, and even some industrial mixed in, to create a variation all their own. That said, does this release sound anything like their previous counterparts i.e. "Kiss the Sun Goodbye" (2011) and "Hellbound and Heartless" (2012) well it does and it does not. It has mixtures of the two previous releases, except this release has a more modern day approach, than those releases, in short that was then and this is now. This is what Vampires Everywhere! has become and what they will remain perhaps? Only time will tell for certain, as "Ritual" is a listening experience for the old and new to come forth, enjoying it from both sides, if your into it, go for it.

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