The Los Angeles Murderfest's newest addition of it's "Mini" Murderfest version, which will be taking place this April, during the 22nd through the 24th of 2016. Has given another update via the Facebook page from the creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back which reads;

"What's the hold up on bands, Dan?!" Been hearing that from some people and I just wanted to let every one of you know that I am just waiting for confirmation's from two bands. There's a ton of work that goes behind something like this and since the "Mini-Murder" is being held at a club with limited capacity, I only have so much in the way of budgets, unless I want to charge all you fine folks 50+ bucks per day to get in. If you remember though, the original fest was STACKED and it was always around $30 per day to get in, which was less than most shows at places like the House of Blues etc. Anyways, I am hoping to make initial announcements this week. If I cannot get the bands confirmed, we'll still do this. It will just be a super low-door festival with awesome bands that do understand that there's a vision behind this fest and it's truly not about taxing the fine people in the scene an exuberant amount of scrilla!"

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