Of Euphoria has decided to call it quits and break up, posting the following message upon their Facebook page,

"Hey guys, so I've decided to let you guys know, Of Euphoria will no longer be a band. I'm (Chris) the last remaining member in the group, everyone went their own ways and I wish them the best. We will be performing one last show for you guys as a farewell to everyone who supported us physically, or even just online. If we can find a way to stream the show I'll be sure to do that. For me, this band has been one of the hardest yet rewarding things I have ever done. I never thought I'd get to share the stage with some of my favorite bands, tour, play in a different state, make a well produced cd and make some awesome friends along the way. And the reason I have decided to not resurrect the band again is, its been done too many times. We won't be the same band and before we had made changes and for the better but I have decided that I will be starting a new band with a few awesome people you may know or have heard of, until then, I will see you April 23rd at PBW's. Thank you Fig, Bobby, Midas and angel for sticking around till the end and thank you Sam, Bryan, Johnny, Hernan, Jonathan, Ben, Drew, Sage, Lou, Ryan Kivell and especially Shane for naming the band. And the biggest thanks to all who have come to shows, screamed our lyrics back to us, bought shirts, CDs, donated money, helped us out in any way shape or form, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Expect them to do a final farewell showcase, with the members going off to other projects.

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