Static X Co-headliners with Sevendust to Bring the Machine Killer Tour for a Concluding Night at the Wiltern in LA

For the first time in forever, well since 1999 both Static X and Sevendust, as well as Dope have come back together for a tour titled the "Machine Killer Tour" with openers Lines Of Loyalty. The 21-date U.S. tour would trek in the fall across the states, concluding just after Halloween night, out in Los Angeles, California at the Wiltern Theater come November 1st 2023. The final date of said tour, ending the night with not a sold out crowd but one nonetheless.

Having missed the openers Lines Of Loyalty but running into their vocalist later that night, up next would be Dope. An industrial act, taking the likes of alternative metal and nu-metal since the 90's, releasing an array of albums, tours, with tonight being a performance that got everyone excited. Performing such songs as "Bring It On (Fuck Tomorrow Mix)", "Die Boom Bang Burn", "Die MF Die", and a cover track of Dead Or Alive "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)". Their energy was flawless, fun, and entertaining. The crowd cheered and shouted with each track sung, fists pumping high, with all else just enjoying the time played through. In short Dope is an act, whose time has been extensive and long but worth experiencing at least once.


Next up was co-headliners Sevendust everyone was thrilled to see what they were about, having never seen live but heard plenty, the band had played about an hour long set, consisting of such songs as; "Alpha", "Strong Arm Broken", "Enemy", "Everything", "Bitch", and "Face to Face". Among other tunes, the band kept the vibes alive and well. Everyone there getting into their energy, angst and momentum really. The light show with screen time kept the music more ever flowing, keeping it seem as if it were never ending. Surely one act that is to be remembered and seen countless times if at all possible.


Static X rounded off the evening, performing for what seemed like a five minute set, but lasted actually an hour, having characters run onto the stage, bubbles float in the air, down to balloons bouncing about, fog draping audience, to fire sparkles igniting the stage at times. It was very amusing and fun really. The band themselves, kept the beats ever flowing, with vocalist Zero filling in for Wayne Static himself RIP, passing away back in 2014, this night marking the day of his death so many years back. But this vocalist did do a superb job at it, with the rest of the band doing just as well if not better. Overall, Static X was one that ended the night with a bang, lots of stage antics, and energy that kept all there pleased and delight with cheers, smiles, and hands raised high for utter joy of a band with a member gone but never forgotten.



1. Hollow
2. Terminator Oscillator
3. Love Dump
4. Sweat of the Bud
5. Wisconsin Death Trip
6. Fix
7. Bled for Days
8. Black and White
9. This Is Not
10. Zombie
11. Get to the Gone
12. I Am
13. Destroy All
14. Cold
15. I'm With Stupid
16. Push It

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