Ruins Of Elysium - Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary In The Sea

Seven years to their namesake, Ruins Of Elysium have released three full-length album's to date, including their most newest and recent calling "Amphitrite: Ancient Sanctuary In The Sea". An array assortment of 12-tracks that span of what is said to be eight different languages. The assortment of languages includes; English, Chinese, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi and more. As the band puts it, it is simply a round the world like trip from the comfort of your ear sockets. 

Tenor being the styling of vocalization provided from Ruins Of Elysium's frontman Drake Chrisdensen, where his styling takes on a classical approach, with a vocal range that intertwines the countertenor and baritone voice types. In short, it is one of the highest voice types for a male vocalist to perform. Drake here does flawlessly, combining not just good tenor stylistics but with the genre choices of epic symphonic metal, this album brings forth the likes of folk metal as well as some Celtic folk as well as traditional metal. It combines an ethnic element from not just vocal chords but the instrumentals too, as they are used to contemplate to numerous cultures and folklore's from across the globe. 

Very much all of this can be heard within the first couple of tracks including opening track “Alexiel An Epic Lovestory”, following up with “Queen of The Seven Seas”, and then “Belladonna”. Each play well into one another. Vocalization provided is done quite well, whilst the instrumentation is superb and catching. Some portions provide a rather fast paced effort, whereas other parts keep a steady beat that keeps the music together, but has it sink in making it sound gripping yet soaring at times.

Other notable tracks off this release likely consist of such as “”Atlas”, Book Of Seals”, and “Cathedral Of Cascades”. These resemble such an epic presence that is purely majestic yet heavy through and through. It is the sound that Ruins Of Elysium has always been able to craft and create since their forming so long ago. This album is merely a treat for many in all shape and form of its creation. 

If an epic tale of adventure is what you seek within the form of music; then perhaps seeking the likes of Ruins Of Elysium is for you. Otherwise this band is without a doubt one that will not be forgotten but cherished and remembered for many years to come. 

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