Petals And Thorns - The Maid And The Blacksmith

Duo band Petals And Thorns have not one but two albums under their belts. Their debut album "The Broken Mirror", released back in 2014 is where the band left things. Taking some time to focus upon themselves and what not, they would go on to write and record material later on leading up to what is their follow-up sophomore album titled "The Maid And The Blacksmith" released this year that is 2020. Perhaps the 2020 year of downtime for everyone, had them get into the urge of creating music once more? Perhaps so or perhaps not. Nevertheless though, Petals And Thorn's newest offering, offers 8-tracks, opening up with "Digital Religion", a rather captivating tune that sets the album straight away. Whereas "Through The Shadows" and "Echo Chamber", capture a more toned down effort. Sounding more doom and gloom as it were. Think if Evanescence had returned to their roots sounding more goth and experimental that is how these two tracks sound much like really. Their style is a lot like theirs except adds the added flare of dark wave and alternative making their style more upset yet mellow.  Other tracks like “Lost In A Dream”, “Behind The Curtain”, and “Burning Within”, each have their uniqueness but do sound much alike. It’s not a bad thing, just more or less has such a smooth performance structure done by the duo with an added production value, that makes this sound stunning if not amazing at times. Whilst it may have taken some time for it to be done and released, it is an enjoyable piece for the ears, not just originality but it done from the get go that makes Petals And Thorns soulful and fun to hear from any release released. 

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