Modern Day Escape – Revenge Is So Sweet

Modern Day Escape had announced their indefinite break and or hiatus back in 2014. Having released three full-length albums "House of Rats" (2009), "Under The Gun" (2012), and "New Life" (2013). The band would pop in every now and again, in 2019 later announcing their return, by then releasing new content just that following year in 2020. This taking them seven years to release all new music; it being in the form of a single called "Revenge Is So Sweet", off an upcoming EP titled "Transmutaiton".

Whilst the band has gone through some line-up changes including switching things up from a five piece to a four piece, the band managing to main a few members from the previous album cycle "New Life" (2013) with the included addition of one new guy as of now. But aside from that, the track itself, "Revenge Is So Sweet", takes a step into a direction that kept the formula that was within the sophomore and third album full-lengths. It is nothing like the era that was their self-titled EP and debut album releases. Which is a tad disappointing, but nevertheless the track very upbeat in it's melodic tone, with the vocal chords being clean cut yet presentable to say the least. It's a well rounded energetic tone that keeps the material fresh. It should also be noted that the accompanying lyrical video they released included a video game concept, with an ending screen of every member of Modern Day Escape ever, by the form of their nick name's with the game scores being pointers to significant numbers within the band's history.

But for it's worth, "Revenge Is So Sweet", is a solid track of a single off an EP that has yet to be released. Will the remaining material off said EP, be just as fluid as this track turned out to be. Perhaps so, as this was one of those tracks to be memorable and rather enjoyable, in spite of it's lack of older material sounds, this track is a break from the past and looking right into the band's future. How long they will stick around here and now, only time will tell this time.

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