Forest Robots - Times When I Know You'll Watch The Sky

Who would have thought that the four seasons, would mean so much to so many.... including Fran Dominguez and Forest Robots. They have released three full-length albums, their most recent and newest being "Times When I Know You'll Watch The Sky" This all new and third full-length album in two years! But not only does this album come with the accompanying music, but a short film of sorts as well titled "All Things Grow Faint With Great Adorn In Autumn". Fran and the Forest Robot's goal's were all along to build upon the world that they have created as musicians, thus making this world of sound revolving around their releases as these albums.

Now what does this have to do with the four seasons, well the band's first full-length debut album called "Supermoon Moonlight Part 1", celebrated the spring season, whereas the second full-length album titled "Timberline And Mountain Crest" was about the summer season. The third album to date is all about the fall season or autumn to some. It's more or less a representation on Stanley Horowitz's quote about the fall season, saying as such "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all".

When it comes to this album of material, an array of assorted contented can be heard within, ranging from acoustic to orchestral, synth-wave, ambient and even some IDM sounds from previous albums can all be heard within this newest effort of offerings. It pretty much mixes everything up, adding in a tad more of the synthesizers and acoustics growing a more complex reality of the music at play as it were. It has this enchanting styling of sound to it really. Capturing this essence that is both soothing yet very comforting as well. Take for instance tracks like "Everything Under The Light Of The Full Moon", "Deep In The Milky Way Spectrum", "Of Rivers And Rivers Of Light", with "Follow The Fog And The Rain", it all fits so willingly together, it brings forth this every longing passion of visuals and just everlasting sound waves of tones.

With this album's short film accompanying it, comes the visual concept the interpretation of nature and the transformation effect it just has upon the listener and all of us in general, it has this companionship to it, that makes it just sink in and float.

That is more or less how Fran Dominguez and Forest Robots play out, with their music showcasing abilities and ways with it. If you prefer a more laid back, yet easy going listening experience, with a film to boot, then by all means then this is one act that you need to hear by all ways possible.

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