Greg Jacquin - Hudson River

Greg Jacquin is quite the performer, for his work can be done as a full band, duo, or solo, playing at a variety of events and festivities of all sorts. This being shown upon his most recent album "Hudson River", his full-length album following the single released from it, titled "The Station". This track was what made this album whole, that single being capturing yet vivid. The rest of the albums working's not being so bad either. Such as "Floating", "On the Moorings", "Yesterdaze" and "Hopeless Entrance", are probably the most fun you will have, when listening in to this album. They are just so chalk full of energy, focus, and momentum, that the passion is stated clear as day, upon the tracks and album as a whole. Overall really, Greg Jacquin's album "Hudson River", is good old Americana folk rock with some indie rock thrown in to even it out, in the end the results are just a lot of fun, hearing the single or otherwise, you get treated with a delight of tunes that cannot stop, even if they tried too.

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