Jarel Portmand - Supersonic

When musician Jarel Portman released his single "Runaway Blues", it caught all who heard it. Such an intense rock song with melodies and harmonies that were so vivid with sound, the beats seemed endless. Which makes the album "Supersonic", to which the song comes from, be a very grounded piece of work for the musician. It goes without saying that this single kicked off the rest of the album's material, such as the title track, down to other tracks like "Around", "Make It Ok", "Running", "People Like You", and "Right Way".

These song selections being the gripper off the release, their tones of beats, being catching and ever flowing, due to the groove mechanisms and beats just sounds so energy filling. Like upon the track "Make It Ok", it takes on an approach of techno crossed with slight industrial, with its tone. The way of how the vocalization sounds, makes it sound so futuristic when it is not. That is what makes Jarel Portman's music so much more interesting to the ears. "Running", takes on another approach with its style of sound and beating tone of address, as it brings out more of a vibe to that of Coldplay meets Muse. It's how the vocals and music intersect with one another, it creates a sound you have heard before, except done in a newer direction. Which is why Jarel Portman's style is so unique but relatable to other acts who came before.

As for the other tracks mentioned like "People Like You", and "Right Way", they are very much the easy listening type of experience, toning it down from the other tracks said, and off the album in general. They may be mellow driven, but are still creative in a sense, that makes them still fun and really outgoing. It's how the instruments and vocals work upon each one, one is very uplifting that you can find yourself swaying back and forth, while the other track wraps it all up with its fast paced tone, that is still highly entertaining to listen in on.

For the most part "Supersonic", is an album of sorts, that takes Jarel Portman's style into another level of success, he has uniqueness, creativity, and stands a firm ground, making his works, be crafty and breaking, that the tracks will be remembered for a long while if not longer than that perhaps.


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