Befouled - Refuse to Rot

Befouled a death metal act out of Norway, released "Old Broken Bones" (2015) then three years would pass before releasing another debut release that would be their full-length "Refuse to Rot" (2018). This album as a whole, is old school death metal, like think of acts such as Grave or Bloodbath. Upon listening to this album as a whole, it turned out to being one of those fly through releases. Literally, after the "Intro" track began, it was nearly the end of the entire release when "Enter the Crypt" started. This being an extensive amount of tracks to go off of as well. The 12-track release run time of about 40 minutes, sure did not feel like it, especially with such tracks as "Tales from the Tomb", "Chainsaw Rituals", "Rest In Pieces", "Just Buried", and the one said prior "Enter the Crypt". These are likely the tracks to really keep this album moving forward. It makes the material more solid yet intense through and through. The energy of the instrumentals and vocal chords become clear, that old school death metal was the proper choice of route, for Befouled to take on. It suites them nicely because it brings out their abilities as musicians, keeping true to a style that has been around for so long and will continue to be so for many more years to follow suit.

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