Inoculum - Dissimulate

Metal act Inoculum have already released their debut EP "Antigen" and will release the follow-up EP "Pathogen" soon enough. But in the mean time, they have some new music for the in-between time frame entitled "Dissimulate". This stand alone track for the time being, comes in the form of a single turned video release, both of which come out rather nicely. In the case of the video counterpart to this single, the video is very gripping, with the visual effects being vivid and wild. The storyline showcases a young boy, who grows into a young man, but show's both the young boy and young man together, so it is one viewing the other, while other occurrences take place in the mix, of the band Inoculum playing around this whole ordeal. Other details that unfold ranges from a book burning, with a fire lit up to cause a fiery chaos of chaotic nature, that just sets it all ablaze. With some other mishaps thrown in for good measure, makes the video's concept and appeal rather worth wild. In regards to the song's half to this single, it is for the most part, very loud and heavy hitting. Think of Inoculum as a mix between Killswitch Engage crossed with the likeness of As I Lay Dying. The vocalization and instrumentation working both ways, being fast, heavy, and hard hitting as noted prior. The melodies are just there, to keep the music moving, whereas the vocal chords keep it all in tune with everything going on. For the most of it, the song as a wholesome truths, is just very grounded, keeping it all solid yet workable. If hard and heavy is to your liking, then by all means, this is the track to keep you second guessing, but wanting so much more than what is provided right here.

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