Minotauro Records sign with Naqada Music Management!

Italian veteran label Minotauro Records has gotten signed with Naqada Music Management!

Minotauro, is an independent label specializing in heavy metal. Founded in the early 1980's, the label has remarkable releases as some of the most ground-breaking and genre-defining albums by Italian artists Paul Chain, Strana Officina and others. They also specialize in current and re-releases by bands from all over the world, including Tactics, Super Massive Black Holes Jack Starr, Atomkraft Ogre etc.

Zero Tolerance Magazine current issue made a nice presentation for the label; "It's not just that Minotauro have been most to a number of notable cult legends that has made this Italian label an invaluable and essential part of the fabric of underground music since the early '80s . It's also that the label has never been one to shy away from diversity, with label founder Marco Melzi never afraid to embrace the occult glory of Death SS, the reinterpreted doom of Paul Chain or, more recently, the dark ambient musings of Flames of Genesis."

The label has a wide variety of releases in different formats; CDs, DVD, Vinyl, Tapes, Digital and other merchandise. In addition to their giant distribution catalog with hundreds of records! We teamed up with the label to announce for the forthcoming releases very soon. Stay tuned for more!

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