BELUSHI SPEED BALL Fuels Conspiracy Theory With Thrashing New Single "Garth, Let My Family Go"


 The truth is out there! Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen these days, but one of the most shocking and intriguing in years is one posed by the popular podcast "Your Mom's House," who've asked the real important question: Is Garth Brooks a serial killer? Well, Louisville truth seekers and thrash metalheads BELUSHI SPEED BALL have chosen to immortalize the theory on their latest single "Garth, Let My Family Go," which begs for closure and information on where the bodies are buried.

Commenting on the track, lead vocalist Vinny Crastellano says:

"Garth, we are begging you please, just give us closure. Where are the bodies Garth, WHERE ARE THE BODIES!? We know you are sitting there thinking to yourself, "Somebody stop me". But no one has been able to. Please for the love of god!"

Crastellano adds about the video:

"The Garth segment of "Your Mom's House" is one of our favorite bits ever. We wanted to pay homage to the genius prophecy, in the only way we know how... with satire. Allegedly, in a remote area, an area most known for its remoteness, sit's Garth with cheese sandwiches, thinking to himself, "somebody stop me! We proudly present all of this alleged glory captured in an 8-bit music video."

From the band that brought you "My Favorite Color Is Pizza," a blistering love song about spicy pie, and "This Is The Peak," a raging track dedicated to an infamous bald headed critic, comes the latest metal masterpiece "Garth, Let My Family Go." Watch the 8-bit video for the song here:

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