Beyond Unbroken Offers Hope In Latest Pop-Punk Release "My Life"


Showing off their versatile abilities to hop between genres Beyond Unbroken have released their latest single, "My Life" a pop-punk anthem of new hope and moving forward.

"My Life" flips a complete 180 degrees emerging out of the darkness from "The Madness." Beyond Unbroken combines infectious melodies, heavy rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics to create a powerful anthem exploring the nuances of the human condition. Their latest single captures a message of hope and renewal through energetic guitars, pulsating synthesizers, and driving rhythms, the track invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In their own words, "My life is about living in the present and embracing life as it is, learning to let go in order to move forward instead of holding onto all our grudges. Time is precious, and "life could be better" "if I stop to see" and realize that these are moments we should all cherish. We want listeners to come away with a positive outlook on their own lives, realizing that all time is precious. If we stopped to consider this, we might see that our lives could be better by seizing the moments we have and simply being in the present."

In a world of boundaries Beyond Unbroken refuses to be defined by one genre. Founded by former Escape The Fate members, brothers Monte and Michael Money, the band habitually crosses the lines, mixing genres the way an artist mixes paint with results that often defy expectation.


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