KNOCKED LOOSE Releases New Video Single "Don't Reach For Me."


Knocked Loose unleash their seething, experimental new single “Don’t Reach For Me,” a track that combines the band’s signature frenzied attack with deliberate catchiness and exhilarating sonic variety. After one listen, the song’s refrain — “I dream of a cleansing wave,” roared out by frontman Bryan Garris in his patented piercing, rueful bark — loops in the listener’s mind like a prime earworm, setting the stage for future live shout-alongs. Lyrically, Garris says, the track “may be the meanest song I’ve ever written,” a seismic takedown of “someone who tried their hardest to come into my life and mess with two out of the three closest people I have.” “Don’t Reach For Me” is available today alongside an arresting video directed and produced by Max Moore. Check out the video HERE.

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