Stellar Corpses - Hellbound Heart

Stellar Corpses has come a long way since their debut EP "Respect The Dead" (2007), with follow-up debut full-length album "Welcome To The Nightmare" (2009) leading to another full-length sophomore album "Dead Stars Drive In" (2012). Where would all this content end up, well to where it began of course, with an EP, this one being titled "Hellbound Heart".

This EP taking in the influences and inspirations that their previous content managed to contain, except enhances it, more so that it becomes grounded yet defines who they are as a band. Not just your horror punk style, being similar to other horror based acts within the spectrum, i.e. The Misfits, Calabrese, The Other, among others, but a few modernized acts as well, AFI for instance. Where this is all coming from, is their material, both the old and the new, their context within this EP "Hellbound Heart", is well crafted, put together, and has a solid binding, to keep it together.

On such tracks like the title track opener "Hellbound Heart", which happens to feature a guest spot from a Calabrese member and brother, Jimmy Calabrese, is quite captivating, the hook and edginess, keeps that horror punk vibe pulsing. Whereas "Dark Side of the American Dream", keeps the energy consistent, as "Cruel and Unusual", maintains all of this and more, bringing forth an never ending angst of momentum, that never fails to lack in quality. In short the EP just keeps on pushing with the finishing material to which is "She'll Claw Your Eyes Out" and "In Her Lover's Arms", both of which, just wrap up the entire EP for it to be just a well rounded piece of work.

Literally Stellar Corpses "Hellbound Heart", EP release is just very fitting for this type of act, who has come a long way, not letting go of what made them whole, their style is original, vivid, and fun to experience, through this EP or their previous works, either way, they are an act not to miss, but here to stay forevermore.

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