Corners of Sanctuary's Frankie Cross Returns as Lead Singer

Corners of Sanctuary (COS) have announced that the group’s longtime singer, Frankie Cross, who mutually parted ways with them last year, has stepped back into the role as COS frontman.

The band is already billed for a string of shows including performances with Roughhouse, Blood Feast, Anvil Bitch and Joey Belladonna along with a tour in Germany later this summer to support the release of their upcoming fifth album, "The Galloping Hordes", releasing on Killer Metal Records.

The band have checked in with the following comments: "It’s great to have Frankie back in the fold," said COS bassist James Pera. "We are excited about what lies ahead for the band and are very happy to have Frankie part of the adventure again. We’re like a family," he added.

The new album will feature Cross on lead vocals and will initially see the light of day as a digital release later this month followed by a cd release that will coincide with the group’s mini tour in Europe this August.

"There’s been a lot happening with us over that last eight months. Alot of changes and the new album has gone through more than a few incarnations, said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. Nothing beats the original vision we had for the music and that included Frankie, so that’s what we decided to stick with," he continued.

"The Galloping Hordes" has already begun building a buzz as both the band and fans patiently await the album’s official release.

"We are definitely revved up about getting the new music out there and sharing it with everyone," Pera said. "This album was a game changer for us on several different levels. It’s a strong representation of our growth and style," he added.

When asked how he felt to be back with Corners of Sanctuary, Cross stated; "Sometimes you just need to step back a bit so you can continue to move forward with what you love. This gives me a chance to refocus and to recharge. These guys are my brothers and being back is great! It’s like being back home again. You never really leave ‘cause there’s always a piece of it with you no matter where you go and right now it’s good to be home."

Upcoming confirmed Corners of Sanctuary show dates:


3/03/18 - New Penny - Dead of Winter Storm Fest, Scranton, PA
3/16/18 - Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ (supporting Roughhouse)
3/24/18 - The Tusk, Philadelphia, PA. (supporting Blood Feast and Anvil Bitch)
5/04/18 - Irish Wolf Pub, Scranton, PA ( supporting Joey Belladonna - Anthrax)
6/16/18 - Nickfest, New York
7/20/18 - The Nail, Ardmore, PA. (Bon Voyage COS)

Germany Tour:

08/12/18 - TBA
08/13/18 - TBA
8/15/18 - Rocker Stagelive - Hanover, Germany
8/17/18 - MTS Record Store - Oldenburg, Germany
8/18/18 - Lingen Volume Bul Bar - Lingen, Germany

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