Sun-Staches Your Idealistic Dream of Turning into Whoever You Want!

ABC's television network has been on the air for nearly 70 years, with a wide range of reality television series such as Shark Tank. Do not let its name fool you, it is not about sharks out at sea. But is about a handful of investors, who interact with aspiring entrepreneur contestants, that make business presentations of their businesses in order to make money and sell their products.

Since its debut back in 2009 to present day with nine seasons and counting, the past 8 years has seen quite a success rate for a handful of companies and businesses, including one called Sun-Staches. Sun-Staches began like a lot of other companies before them, in the garage of someone's house most likely the creator's parents home sake. That is not the issue though far from that, this is about a dream, for a trio of best friends, who just wanted to sit out in a room all day long with some of the most intelligent yet creative minds to think of the coolest stuff that would pop into their heads. The Sun-Staches  is one of those ideas but what are they exactly.....

Well you are aware of what eye glasses and sun glasses are right? If not they are both different, eye glasses help with your eyesight you know your vision. While sun glasses help protect your eye sight and vision from the sun or other cases done by the weather of mother nature. Still following along? Hope so because that is what the Sun Staches are they are glasses! Not eye glasses though just sun glasses but still very cool and creative!

The Sun Staches are sun glasses that can transform a person into whoever or whatever they could possibly think of becoming. The ideas are truly endless really with the help of the best designers out there that this trio of best friends got a hold of, the ideas started flowing in from pirates, police officers, devil, angel, Santa Claus, Kings and Queens, Uncle Sam, plus dozens of not hundreds or even thousands of others it just didn't stop! How did it not stop you may be wondering well the Sun Staches brand got so popular and big thanks for ABC's television series Shark Tank getting them the deal of a lifetime, that licenses from numerous brands came right into the eyes of the Sun Staches!
So you got just about any licensed company at hand to go right along with that any idea sitting inside your head space. You got super heroes like Marvel, DC Comics, to your Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Miraculous Ladybug, to other popular content like Pokemon, Mario, Disney, and even Harry Potter! As previously stated the ideas and company pair ups is endless. Which brings us to two of these companies enlisted just now, Hasbro's 80's classic revamped brand My Little Pony and Zagtoon and Method Animation's French series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Both brands being very popular amongst the kids, teens, and adults too. My Little Pony having three of the ponies out of the mane 6 being included, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash! Sun Staches sent me over their Rainbow Dash glasses, which showcases Rainbow Dashes rainbow mane bangs portion, ears, eye holes for the sun glass lenses, and Rainbow Dashes coat tone of baby blue with her rainbow mane as mentioned. These sun glasses being so cool if not 20% cooler than cool! The sun glasses themselves having 100 percent UV 400 protection, with a one size fits all if not most, for kids and adults alike!

Whereas the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir sun glasses comes in just two designs of the main super heroes, Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir. Miraculous  Ladybug's alter ego being an outfit resembling a ladybug's print of red with black poka dots, while Cat Noir is simply a black cat. Miraculous: Ladybug's sun glasses is a replica of her mask, decking the red with black spots with ease, while Cat Noir's is black with cat hats atop the frame of his sun glasses. His mask being simply black with cat ears atop his head in his super hero attire. Nonetheless though, the sun glasses for both of these super heroes matches the heroes precisely well. You could easily slide on these shades with your cosplay outfit if not everyday attire, walking away with such style and fashion appeal, all will have to ask you where you got such awesome eye wear! Both of these sun glasses are also 100 percent UV 400 protection with a one size fits all if not most for kids and adults.

All in all though these sun glasses that were sent over, brought pure excitement running across my face, when opening the package received. As they have done for many other individuals across the globe, strutting their stuff, with their own stylish shades, decked out in their favorite iconic character or idealistic personal, they just have to be turned into too! They are purely fun and joyful to all!
Sun Staches is a must have keepsake for all ages, thanks to the likes of a hit television series from the ABC television network! These are the Sun Staches, the sun glasses from a trio of friends that bring out the magic of friendship with unique style and charisma.

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