KALO - Wild Change

Trio acts, why do they work so well? Is it due to the less quantity of members present in the band? This causing the members to work more closely together on the music at hand. Perhaps so, because for the members of KALO, Bat Or Kalo (lead vocals, guitar), Mack McKinney (backup vocals/bass), and Mike Alexander (drums/percussion), this method has worked well for them, since their founding back in 2012.

 Over the course of time and music careers for KALO, they have released two full-length albums, "Flesh and Bones" (2009), "Dear John" (2013), and a live album "Live In NYC" (2016) their latest efforts. But that may not be all they have to offer, for they have released a new single called "Wild Change". The leading single off their newest album of the same name "Wild Change" due out this summer.

So then how does this track hold up to the band's previous works, well their previous releases dating back to 09-13 was just the start of KALO, since then the band has grown, matured, and expanded their skills and abilities as musicians. Even if it is for a trio act they get it up and running in no time at all. Especially for the likes of "Wild Change", for it is a track that is chalk full of guitar riffs, bass licks, with thunderous vocal chords, it makes the drumming parts left behind in the dust. It's just really how this song works out for them. It is rock n' roll blues rock to its finest. It has such catchy melody that balances the music outward, that it could be one of those tracks to be heard on the radio, if not be a sure hitter at their next showcase or touring trek.

"Wild Change", is just that change of pace that band needed to make when it came to their previous releases. Their earlier works consisting of more toned down material, ballad works, everything under the sun for those works. This track with its accompanying album is surely a giant step forward into a whole another direction of approach. You can hear it clear as day upon "Wild Change". There is total rock n' roll energy with a dab of blues rock embedded within, making this track more appealing. Like their approach to style brings to mind such modern day acts like Paramore's newer works, if not perhaps a bit of Miley Cyrus country tone of work, that is what KALO is a lot like.

Not really much else to say about this track really. It has that essence of the modern day acts with the classic acts of yesturday. If you're into your rock n' roll with blues rock then KALO is the one for you. "Wild Change", may be that change of pace, they needed to get ahead of themselves, but it works well for them. Allowing them to expand ever so further into the next trail of their musical careers.

"Wild Change", was the right change needed for them. For if this track, let alone this album did not come into development, this band would have not made themselves known much longer. This was the kick in the butt needed to keep them going.


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