BAND-MAID Fans Mount Drumstick Campaign For Injured Drummer

Fans of all-girl Japanese rock group BAND-MAID showered drummer Akane with piles of drumsticks last month, delivered from several countries around the world in support of her recent injury which stopped her from touring to support the band’s latest CD, New Beginning. After 2 months of reduced activities, Akane posted a photo this week to her Twitter account with some of her favorite sticks, which were autographed with get-well messages from her fans.

Akane serves as BAND-MAID’s leader, and her absence from performing during the release tour took a tough emotional toll on the dedicated performer, who can be seen below practicing drums by covering Maximum The Hormone’s “Benjo Sandal Dance”.


Akane's message to fans: “I took a break from drums for 2 months because of the injury. I received many sticks with warm, encouraging messages from my masters overseas! Your words uplifted me and I was able to push through! Thank you so much!” (Translated from Japanese)

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