Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live at Wacken and Other Atrocities

Spanning a career of 30 years, Exodus have gone through what most bands would call "daily rummaging" hence line-up changes, label switch-offs, hiatuses, and even death threats. Exodus on the other hand has faced these consequences but has dusted them off and moved onward to unleash a dozen albums to date, including live recordings and compilations with various acts they’ve most likely encountered beforehand.

Which brings us to discussing Exodus 3-disc combo, entitled “Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live at Wacken and Other Atrocities”, this addition should tide the anxious fans over for the time being, as they anxiously await the arrival of the soon to be released ninth installment "The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit B: The Human Condition" due out later this year.

This 3-disc set includes two DVDs and a CD, the first disc comprising of the band’s 2008 performance at one of the many popular metal festivals within this industry known as Wacken, the band’s set up consisting of opening up with "Bonded By Blood", and wrapping it up with "Shovel Headed Kill Machine". Front man Rob Dukes works with the crowd quite nicely as the pits tend to stir up, the band's sound sounding razor sharp with crisp clear video quality to heighten up the excitement sprawled across the many faces witnessing such an unforgettable night. The CD included is the audio version of that same show.

As for the second DVD offered on "Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live At Wacken And Other Atrocities," it’s packed with over 4-hours of material, the masterpiece being the documentary "Assorted Atrocities", which chronicles the band's recent past including the recording segments of "Shovel Headed Kill Machine", dating back to the vintage 1985 interview that had taken place way back then, with other bonus goodies including, deleted scenes, live performances, photos, and music videos.

Exodus fans will without a doubt not be disappoint as far as Exodus goes because Exodus exceeds the meaning of what thrash metal is truly all about.

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