Wooden Jesus’ Ghoulish Tales

The so-called “Ghost Album” has been under wraps for quite some time now and fans are considering that this release is long overdue and may even cease to exist. But Wooden Jesus on the other hand thinks otherwise and say that this ghastly album is quite closer than you think.

1. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to your demo ethics?

Zach:  The sound is huge! It has a cool loose vibe but really edgy. We had a really specific sound we wanted for this album in mind and Jeff (Jeff Cloyes, producer) definitely got it. As far as work ethic between the demo and album not much changed, we slammed it out in 3 days like we did the demo the days were a little longer in the studio though.

Andrew:  Wooden Jesus pretty much just moved into Imirage Sound Labs for three days and they were the longest, craziest three days ever. It felt like we were there for a month. There was definitely some drinking happening and a lot of creativity was flying around. Imirage has a very cool vibe to it. On the day I was supposed to start laying down my vocal tracks, I woke up and my voice was pretty hoarse which put a sliver in my confidence and I think scared the hell out of everyone else so I started drinking a bunch of tea and trying to get back on. Then Zach ran out to the truck and grabbed this acoustic and gave it to me and just said, "Play." Then, JC brings up all this blue lighting and created this real beautiful blue atmosphere in the studio which was amazing, so I just start playing these acoustics songs I wrote trying to get my voice back together. I think I ended up playing for like 45 minutes or so, everyone got real quiet and I just kind of forgot where I was and got lost and started to totally vibe on the moment and it really helped bring me back to where I needed to be for the vocal tracks. It was a very cool moment for me and I’ll always remember it.

2. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Andrew:  We used a gong on record. Yeah, it happened. I think it might resonate through the whole record. We also tried to incorporate a megaphone I don't know if it made it though. I do remember being drunk and yelling at people through it. I think roger used some crazy symbol on DNA and I think we may have used this thing from the Bahamas or something called like a dirkadickalickajew (laughs), we were definitely doing some experimenting. Tom (Tom Gordon, producer) has some really nice mics that I got to sing through which was nice. Jeff had them set up all around me like some kind of sound cocoon, at one point I think he had me singing through about $40,000 worth of microphones. It was an awesome feeling.

Zach:  I tried! I have this old vintage Gibson bass that has been in the family for like 40 years and sounds amazing I was really looking forward to using and for some reason I couldn't use it because it was distorting shit I don't know, so I went with my Reno fender jazz and my two Spectors.

3. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Andrew:  That's a great question. People are starting to call this thing "The Ghost Album". But we are currently doing final edits on the tracks so it shouldn't be long now.

4. The state of the music industry has been in a continual state of flux for the past several years with many established artists turning to self-releasing new material rather than rely on a label. What kind of business model is Wooden Jesus turning toward in regard to the release of this new album?

Zach:  Not completely sure yet, our producer has had something’s kinda cooking for us as far as record labels and distribution so we'll see.  But regardless when this album goes to press we are scheduling a tour to sell it the good old fashion way, on the road. We'll probably take advantage of the Internet too.

5. Are you worried about how the new tracks will translate live?

Andrew:  Not really, we're a live band and always will be. It’s in our roots and in the way we write.

6. Will you be touring this album? Is there a chance you will be doing a short tour before the album is released?

Andrew:  Like I said before, we're a live band and we love playing to the fans. When this record is finished, you'll definitely see Wooden Jesus back out on the road.

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