November 2017

Alpha Mule is an American duo of musicians from sunny Southern California. But their music is influenced primarily from the American south and southwest terrains, taking such genres into account as rock, blues, bluegrass, folk, and traditional country. Those genres is where the album "Peripheral Vision", comes into effect, especially the opening track titled "Corpus Christi".

Now the track may be the opening number for this album in question, but as it turns out, this track just so happens to also be the single of choice for this album. So then how does it hold up, well like many other country, folk, based rock tracks, this one is no different. It sounds like the others off this album and by other artists and bands as well, just fine. It is decent enough, everything working in the favor of the track. Instrumentals, vocalization it all fits, let alone works out for the album's material and this track as well.

In other words "Corpus Christi", is a track of sorts, that just stands out for this album as a whole. It offers the vocalization provided by Joe Forkan, whose work is not only vocals, but backing vocals as well as acoustic guitar, as Joe Forkan and Eric Stoner on the banjo, are the duo of musicians that make Alpha Mule as it is now. The duo's craft and workmanship is well rounded, making the music fun and interesting. It is bouncy and upbeat, one of those tracks you could toss on, enjoy, and even find yourself singing along to, if not even dancing to. It is just that much fun of a track. The rest of the material to come from "Peripheral Vision", is a lot like this, being upbeat and rather catching throughout.

Why it was that "Corpus Christi", was chosen as a single for this album who knows, but it was the right choice to be had. As said before, it is a fun and interesting track, being rather catching and upbeat at that. Not much else to be said of expressed about it really. Alpha Mule is a lot like other folk artists or bands within that genre setting, having very similar grounds of style and sound in terms of their musical craft.

When listening in to this track the handful of times for this piece, it began obvious that the track was growing on me. Each play through it became much more entertaining, catchier, and even faster in terms of rhythm of beats. Vocalization kept up this pace of an up and down mannerism that just felt right, everything was overflowing the music, vocals, it just kept on rolling through. Why this was so, there is no reasoning to it, it was so much fun after the number of times hearing it play out.

Alpha Mule is an Americanized act of the folk, rock, country, blues scene but it really works out for them. Likely their style may sound a lot alike other acts in and around through the years, but their style is more or less unique and original, because it is modernized to be loads of fun, when listening to it, nothing else than that really.

"I have Bell’s palsy. With Bell’s palsy, I’m not able to move the right side of face. According to the doctors, and after researching online, there is not much to be done to remedy this other than to wait.

"Bell's palsy is caused by your brain swelling, leading to your facial nerve being pinched and unable to be used. This can last anywhere from a few weeks to potentially being permanent.

"Right now, I have had it for a week and it feels that each day, something is getting slightly worse. I am almost out of the steroids I was prescribed by the doctor, and once I am done with those, I will go back in to get re-evaluated.

"I have people telling me there’s nothing I can do and people telling me to get acupuncture and do some Chinese herbal treatments. There really isn't enough information out there on this and it is really annoying to deal with.

"It makes things that much harder, as I am already dealing with a lot of pressure, so to have this happen inhibits me from being as productive as I need to be. The pressures of writing a new album, streaming full time, making money, home life, and general happiness are all things I struggle with daily. Now, a lot of those things have been put in jeopardy because of some random thing in my brain being screwed up. Add to that the uncertainty of the outcome or how long things may be delayed!

"I know there are a lot of people out there that support me and probably don't care about a delay as much as I do. The last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone, mainly myself.

"I might not be able to control the outcome of being able to move my face, talk properly, or blink. But what I can control is my motivation to not let it stop me from being creative, and inspiring others. Once I am able to speak properly, I will record vocals to finish up our new album. Until then, I’ll focus on my health, and really nail down the instrumentals for this album."

Watch McBee's video detailing his diagnosis HERE.

Canadian soul singer Elise LeGrow pays tribute to the classic Chicago label Chess Records on her new album "Playing Chess", which was produced by Steve Greenberg, Mike Mangini, and the legendary Betty Wright.

Unlike many covers records, LeGrow and her team of musicians aimed to make new artistic statements with these songs as they stripped down the arrangements to feature leaner and modern interpretations. The clean and unfussy sound allows LeGrow's superb voice to have more room to roam. Meanwhile, these classic tunes take on new life when shown through LeGrow's lens.

LeGrow says, "our reinterpretation of 'Rescue Me' is sparse and mellow, which really brings out the wistfulness in the lyric. But it manages to be a bit cheeky and sexy too. I think the same can be said of the video. The director, Dan LeMoyne, had a clear vision from the start and it was really cool watching it come to life. It was a long shoot - 14 hours - but it was truly a pleasure working with him and his all-star Toronto crew."

Check out the video right HERE.

Swedish death-metallers Feared, featuring current and former members of The Haunted, Dååth, Suffocation and Clawfinger, have just shared an animated music video for “Your Black Is My White” off the band’s forthcoming sixth album “Svart”. The video features drawings by Johan Ejerblom (ArtByEjerBlom) and was directed by Hugo Andersson.

Guitarist Ola checked in to comment: “The video for Your Black is My White is about Frida, a married woman who suffered a tragedy of losing her daughter in a drowning accident. Now she struggles through life living in two worlds, reality and nightmare.  The accident is tearing apart on her relationship. In the video the worlds shifts and in the end reality is the nightmare and her everyday perfect life is her dream. Video producer Johan Ejerblom really did a great job capturing the Feared-vibe.”

Check out the video HERE.

On November 3rd, Primitive Race released their compelling alternative rock album "Soul Pretender", with vocals handled by Chuck Mosely (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Cement, VUA), music by Erie Loch (LUXT, Blownload, Exageist), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, Gary Numan), Bass and song-writing from founding member Chris Kniker, and drums by Dale Crover (The Melvins).

On November 9th, Chuck Mosley died after many years battling addiction, making the long awaited album the legendary front-man's swan song. In honor of Chuck, the band has chosen to share his favorite track off of the album, "Dancing on the Sun," and to donate 100% of 2018 album sales to MusiCares to benefit substance abuse treatments for artists battling addiction.

Says Chuck's long-time friend Chris Kniker: "I wasn’t prepared for any of this. Most only knew Chuck Mosley as the former singer of Faith No More; to me was a friend with whom I had formed a special bond over the past 17 years. Chuck was funny, witty, charismatic, and charming in a way that was only Chuck. He was truly one of a kind. Chuck inspired Mark, Erie, and I, and I knew we did the same for him. He felt we had created something that allowed him to grow as an artist. He was thrilled and honored to be playing on a record with Dale Crover. I was just happy to know that we made a record that I enjoyed; a group of friends creating something together. I am sure that Chuck would want us all to learn and grow from his struggles. Addiction is a horrible burden to bare for the afflicted and their loved ones. If you are or know someone who needs help don’t be afraid to ask."

"When I listened to the music, ideas just came pouring out,” Mosley had previously stated. "I couldn’t say no to doing the record. When we completed the first few tracks, I found myself wishing I had written them. Not just the lyrics…just good heavy riffs and grooves really sucked me in. The melodies and words came super easy with this music. Even though it's a whole different vibe it brought out a side of me I haven’t experienced since writing with Faith No More.”

Check out the song right over HERE.

Flyte have released a new song and video for the track "Faithless", a remarkable collaboration with Femke Huurdeman and CANADA (Tame Impala, Beck), the only band to work consecutively with the legendary production company.

"It felt great to go back and work with Canada for a second time. We knew the 'Holy Mountain' and 'Paris, Texas' references were going to lead to something grandiose, and the director Femke's visual influences were spookily in sync with ours. Zoe - who played the girl - was hyper intelligent and totally got what we were going for. The African Raven was also a magnificent thing to behold in the flesh," says Flyte.

Check out the video HERE.

Hanson goes retro with a nostalgic-filled video featuring young Hansons Talyor, Isaac, and Zac. The music video incorporates the use of different video cameras from different eras to achieve a throwback authentic feel.

“We sort of take you through [the past] and a little today, performing music like it’s from a Christmas special, and imagining what each of those eras looked like celebrating Christmas. It’s like time travel,” Hanson said about the festive video taking inspiration from the band's own past.

Check it out right HERE.

Swedish black metal legends WATAIN have announced plans to conquer audiences across North America in early 2018 as they embark on a headlining tour next Winter featuring direct support from Destroyer 666.

"We are very pleased to announce our eager return to the North American continent with TRIDENT WOLF ECLIPSE. The two "Black Metal Warfare" tours of 2015 clearly showed us the ever growing hunger and force of our american crowd, so with a new album out and the addition of none less than the mighty Destroyer 666 to the bill, this should turn into something legendary! A proud hail to all our North American supporters, see you in February, joined in morbid ecstasy and raw fucking power!" - WATAIN


2/23   Montreal, QC - Le National #
2/24   Quebec City, QC - Imperial Bell #
2/25   Toronto, ON - Opera House #
2/26    Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater #
2/27    Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theater #
2/28    Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall #
3/2      Chicago, IL - Metro #
3/3      Minneapolis, MN - Studio B #
3/4      Kansas City, MO - Riot Room #
3/5      Denver, CO - Gothic Theater #
3/6      Salt Lake City, UT - Metro Music Hall #
3/7      Boise, ID - Knitting Factory #
3/9      Calgary, AB - The Palace #
3/10    Edmonton, AB - Starlite #
3/12    Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre #
3/13    Seattle, WA - Studio Seven #
3/14    Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre #
3/16    San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge #
3/17    Los Angeles, CA - Fonda #
3/18    Phoenix, AZ - Club Red #
3/20    Austin, TX - Barracuda #
3/21    Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill #
3/23    Atlanta , GA - Heaven #
3/24    Tampa, FL - Orpheum #
3/25    TBD, TBD
3/27    Greensboro, NC - Blind Tiger #
3/28    Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Sound Stage #
3/29    Philadelphia, P  - TLA #
3/30    Boston, MA - Sinclair #
3/31    New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre #
# with Destroyer 666

Fueled By Ramen recording group Paramore has announced a stellar lineup of special guests for PARAHOY! DEEP SEARCH, the sold out third installment of their hugely popular PARAHOY! vacation experience. Presented in partnership with Sixthman, the industry leader in music festivals at sea, the interactive four-day festival at sea sails roundtrip from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas from April 6th through 10th, 2018.

A full charter aboard the spectacular Norwegian Jade, PARAHOY! DEEP SEARCH! will feature a specially selected schedule of bands, activities, and truly unique Paramore live performances. Among the artists set to sail alongside Paramore will be Local Natives, Judah & The Lion, mewithoutYou, Now, Now, HalfNoise, and Mija, as well as comedians Jordan Rock and Ryan O’Flanagan. Other shipboard events will include Q&A session, theme nights, and of course, “Paraoke” with the GRAMMY® Award-winning band themselves. For full details, please visit

PARAHOY! first embarked in 2014 with a star-studded line-up featuring Tegan & Sara and New Found Glory, returning in 2016 with 2,600 devoted fans and special guests including CHVRCHES, Lights, and more. 2018’s sold out third sailing is currently on a wait list. Fans hoping to travel with Paramore are now invited to sign on to a wait list at for a chance to join the adventure.

A destination of her own, Norwegian Jade offers guests Norwegian Cruise Line’s signature freedom and flexibility to enjoy 11 onboard bars and lounges, 15 dining experiences, one outdoor pool, hot tubs, and a full menu of spa treatments. Pitbull After Dark Party cruisers will enjoy duty-free shopping and awe-inspiring architecture in beautiful Nassau. Explore your adventurous side diving into the crystal blue water with dolphins and colorful fish, or tempt lady luck in a casino.

Long regarded as one of modern rock’s most electrifying live outfits, Paramore is currently set to embark on a series of winter live dates, highlighted by appearances at such holiday concerts including Milwaukee, WI’s FM 101/2 Big Snow Show 12 (December 1st), Tampa, FL’s 97X Next Big Thing 2017 (December 3rd), and Norfolk, VA’s 96X Winter Meltdown (December 8th). The band will kick off the New Year with a European headline tour, slated for stops in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and will then head east for dates in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Japan, culminating with a sold out show at Honolulu, HI’s Blaisdell Concert Hall on February 23rd. For updates and ticket availability, please see

The indie-rock band Typhoon have released a new music video for the single "Rorschach" from their forthcoming album "Offerings", which will be released January 12th via Roll Call Records. The video, directed by Matthew Thomas Ross, is a frenzied visualization of human contemplation and recollection. It depicts a man sorting through his memories, with each one sparking a new emotional reaction. The video is peppered with other individuals in the same predicament, separated and held captive by screens.

"This video pulls multiple visual and thematic references from Offerings," shares Ross. "Without giving too much away; our story is playing with the idea of being stuck inside your subconscious, fixated on one memory, while questioning it over and over again. While on the outside, the rest of you continues to age. Moments turn into memories and then memories become memories of a memory..."

Check it out right HERE.

Carry Illinois has released a new song and video for the track "Shameful Feeling".

After their bandmate's suicide, Carry Illinois went on to craft songs about survival and acceptance. "'Shameful Feeling' is "about the journey of coming out of hiding, rising above painful adolescent memories, and learning to shut out fears and self-doubt (all within a queer context). The video depicts the journey of a strong but struggling heart seeking to relieve other hearts of the weight of daily mental and physical battles."

Check out the video right HERE.

Sneakout Records is glad to announce the signing of Italian hard rockers Stray Bullets for the release of their debut album. Their story begins back in 2007, when this hard rock combo coming from Verona (north of Italy) started to write the first songs together, in order to move their first steps for the making of their first studio album. It took three years to record and self-release "Lost Soul Town", a demo/album with ten tracks entirely played and recorded by the band as a home-made recording. In the following years, Stray Bullets faced a series of line-up changes, which accidentally led them to focus their proposal on a more sleaze oriented rock style. 

In the summer of 2015, after the meeting with Oscar Burato and Stefano Gottardi of Burning Minds Music Group, Stray Bullets took the decision of putting the basis for a collaboration together, in order to improve the quality of their proposal. The band entered the doors of Atomic Stuff Studio under the artistic guidance of Oscar himself, finalizing (with the line-up composed by vocalist Alex Chinaski, guitar-players Steven Evil and Nick, bass-player Dave Dufford and drummer Zen) the eleven tracks of "Shut Up", which includes most of the songs taken from "Lost Soul Town", now re-written and re-arranged according to the soul and style of the new line-up. A new band, a new album, and a new adventure: Stray Bullets are ready to rock the world with the energy captured in their debut "Shut Up".

Web/Social Links:

Cadaveria has revealed that they will be re-releasing their second full-length sophomore album "Far Away From Conformity", on December 8th 2017. The album being originally released in 2004. The album's new cover artwork and tracklisting can be found below. This version of the album will be available to all igital stores and on CD, with a new graphic design. It comes out in deluxe digipack version with a twelve-page booklet via Sleaszy Rider Records. The colored vinyl version will be released via Shadows Records in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide.

The vinyl LP will be out on January 12, 2018, exactly fourteen years after the first release. This is not just a reprint: the nine songs of Far Away From Conformity, including Blondie's cover Call Me, have been completely remixed and remastered for the occasion. In addition, a bug in the backup of the original recordings made in 2003, had caused the loss of some vocal tracks and it requested Cadaveria’s recent effort to re-record her voice for the songs Blood and Confusion and The Divine Rapture. A different and renewed edition, therefore, for the album that, since its title, proclaimed the personal style of Cadaveria music.

Pre-orders are right HERE.


1.       Blood and Confusion
2.       Eleven Three O Three
3.       Irreverent Elegy
4.       The Divine Rapture
5.       Omen of Delirium
6.       Call Me (Blondie cover)
7.       Out Body Experience
8.       Prayer of Sorrow
9.       Vox of Anti-Time

The Time Framed have just released their EP "Chrono Dementia", with plans of all new music to follow soon enough. Aside from the tunes, the band has some shows in the works, as well as a few touring shorts, with other plans in the works too. Expect it all to be found, including some band insight all below.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

The Time Framed formed due to Jeremy wanting to put his catalog of songs to use. Britt and Jeremy met in a different project and moved into The Time Framed together as Britt was learning bass guitar as music therapy for domestic violence. We met Brandon through another member that joined earlier this year. He was standing in on drums since the current drummer was learning how to play (Jeremy has a habit of teaching people to play instruments to fit best with the music). The other members left for other projects and we loved Brandon so much, and he already felt like part of the family, that we wanted him to stay. He’s a musical genius and gets how we want the music to go, not to mention he throws in amazing ideas, he’s a perfect fit for us and the band feels solid now.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

The reason we came up with The Time Framed is because music is art that is expressed through time. It's our intent as a group to be both the artist when creating a song, and part of a masterpiece when performing it. Time is both the medium and product.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

We’re based out of the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Our music scene here is pretty interesting, and it tends to depend on what part of Tampa Bay you’re in. Going slightly north to New Port Richey, there’s a big following for metal music. Heading south towards St. Petersburg and there tends to be a mix of punk music and indie/alternative. In the city of Tampa/Ybor, there tends to be a bigger hip-hop, rap scene. We have some good local band friends here and some of them we’d recommend are Oxmoore, The Prople, Success Revenge, Tower 7, Otherworld, Alien Tape Recorder, Nerds Raging and so many more.

4. How would you describe your style?

Our style is a little interesting to describe. We really enjoy putting music theory to good use but to also find ways to get away from “normal” or what’s mainstream. I think our sound can be summed up by Jeremy’s huge pedalboard. We really like to use weird sounds, pulling from movie soundtracks and video games a lot. We blend many genres together such as jazz, blues, experimental, grunge, psychedelic, and even tones of hip-hop. We tend to go with the motto “the weirder, the better”.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

We just released our EP “Chrono Dementia” which can be found anywhere music can be streamed and bought. We get told a lot that our music reminds people of the psychedelic era of the 60s and 70s music. We also get told that our songs fall into a genre they’ve never heard before. So, I think what can be expected is something totally new, different, and weird. I recommend keeping the lights low and just relaxing with our EP playing, really sets the mood!

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

We do have a lot of music in the works and new songs we’re working on all the time. We’re definitely looking forward to recording our full length album soon.

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

We have several fun shows coming up and we’re really looking forward to starting short-run tours in 2018 to prep for larger tour runs.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

We have a lot of plans coming up, including radio interviews and a music video in the works. We’d like to get some touring done and just keep working our way up and pay our dues to make this our careers.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

You can find our music in the usual areas such as Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and such. A quick way to listen is to follow this link:

To buy our merch, we’re on Facebook at and we have links to our merch site or just feel free to shoot us a message, we love to chat with everyone!

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

It’s weird, it’s definitely different and probably not something you’ve heard before, but it will allow you to appreciate how far you can take music theory, how strange you can push guitar pedals, and that there’s a whimsical elements to music that is so much fun to play and to listen to. We all think you’ll really enjoy getting into a different headspace and will find an enjoyment in the weirdness.

LP, an acclaimed recording artist and songwriter has announced the dates for her North American headline tour this spring. The run kicks off February 9th in Sacramento, CA, wraps March 10th in Atlanta, GA, and hits major cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston, and Washington, D.C. The trek will support LP’s fourth full-length studio album, "Lost On You", and features Noah Kahan as direct support. All tickets can be purchased HERE, and a full list of shows is included below.


02/09 - Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades
02/10 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent [SOLD OUT]
02/11 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
02/13 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
02/14 - Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
02/15 - Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
02/16 - Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
02/17 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall
02/20 - Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Aspen
02/21 - Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater
02/23 - Kansas City, MO @ The Truman
02/24 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
02/25 - Detroit, MI @ The Majestic
02/27 - Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall
02/28 - Montreal, QC @ MTELUS
03/01 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
03/02 - Boston, MA @ Royale Nightclub
03/03 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of Living Arts
03/05 - Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
03/07 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
03/08 - Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
03/09 - Nashville, TN @ Cannery Ballroom
03/10 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage 

"Level Up", being the current and only release from Menny, a pop artist of sorts whose sound and style is making the rounds across the music scene currently. Will soon be releasing his debut full-length album, in the coming months of this upcoming year. But before that happens another source of music must follow suit from "Level Up", leading up to the release to that of this debut album. This track being titled "Forever 4 U".

The track is nothing like "Level Up", vocalization may be similar in style of sound, but the quality between this new one and the old track, are nothing alike. "Forever 4 U", is much more upbeat, catching to the ear, has got a groove flowing to it, that it makes the music more bouncy. That you will find yourself dancing to it, instantly if not immediately after hearing the track a few times over.
More or less "Forever 4 U", is a track to be heard within the walls of a night club setting, if not your radio of your home or vehicle setting. Either way, it is likely a track of sorts, that will be very fitting to the club setting, surely having you, as said prior dancing to it. It is that catching and so on putting to the ears, it keeps your body focused and grooving.

In other words, Menny's got something here, whether it'd be his previous single or this new single "Forever 4 U", it is a track, that is here to stay, and so is he, Menny. He may just be another chart topper, if not at least an artist, that will not be forgotten or disliked. More to be liked for many more releases from him, to see fit, as his music of pop is so very suiting to him.

Silent Siren will be returning to the U.S.A. for their second appearance this weekend! Starting Friday December 1st in Los Angeles, California. Following on that Sunday December 3rd in San Francisco, California. Find out where and pick up your tickets below!


Dec 1st (Fri) in LA:
Dec 3rd (Sun) in SF:

A Day To Remember will be celebrating their 15 years as a band, in the form of a headlining spring time tour! Support will be coming from Papa Roach, Falling In Reverse, and The Devil Wears Prada. Check out the list of dates below.


2/20 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Deltaplex Arena
2/22 - Kansas City, MO @ Arvest Bank Theatre
2/23 - St. Louis, MO @ Chaifetz Arena
2/24 - Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion
2/27 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Great Saltair
2/28 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
3/2 - San Francisco, CA @ San Francisco Armory
3/4 - Mesa, AZ @ Mesa Ampitheatre
3/6 - San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden Theater
3/7 - Dallas, TX @ The Bomb Factory
3/12 - New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
3/13 - Baltimore, MD @ UMB Fieldhouse
3/15 - Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Center
3/16 - Allentown, PA @ PPL Center
3/17 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center
3/19 - Atlanta, GA @ Coca-Cola Roxy
3/20 - St. Augustine, FL @ St. Augustine Ampitheatre

Oh the countless times, that many have come to me, telling me "You need to learn to love yourself, before you love someone else" or "Learn to love yourself for yourself", were many of the word of mouth expressions, told to me every now and again. The same seems to be the deal for Leach Capelle. Whose latest works is yet another track turned single entitled "Docs". Last few tracks heard by her were of "Better Off", and "Joshua", both of which did rather well from my perspective as well as many others. So then how does "Docs", hold up exactly.... Well, it is not a track you would think of when thinking positive thoughts. As it turns out, it is more or less, a downer of a track, in terms of the context of the lyrics, as for the musical portion, the music is fair and simple. In other words quite nice.

So you see, "Docs", was a song searching for happiness but not in a good way, it is more about finding that comfort of happiness by buying things. As Capelle says upon her website, "It’s a true story of bizarre activities I was doing to do to make myself feel better, like buying clothes, rearranging my furniture, and going out pretending to be somebody I’m not…"

 She goes on saying that, “In reality, all my false attempts at being “okay” made the matter worse. When I was younger, I had many male figures, whether significant others or mentors, tell me that “men don’t like short hair.” So I kept my hair long because I was insecure. And finally, summer of 2016 I said “fuck it” and chopped it all off- that was a huge catalyst for me, and has actually brought me a lot of happiness in the weightlessness I feel now.”

As you can see, Leah Capelle's "Docs", track is one that is very gripping and understandable as well. Many out there likely feeling the same angst of pain as she has felt in this time of occurrence. It is not pretty, but as long as she is able to overcome it, or perhaps express it, as she has in this track, all should be better in the long run. Which it has, due to this track, because the track itself is downright entertaining. Again, the material may not be, but the music is just very easy listening, having a more catching source of beat, that keeps to the rhythms of the music in question. Her vocalization being in tune with the music, that it all stays in check. In short, her voice never leaves a beat, it keeps it consistent, smooth, and ever flowing.

It just becomes one of those tracks, you can sit back, listen in on, take in the material and music at hand, and just breathe it all in, in one giant gulp. Its pop rock at its finest content I'd say. Surely a track that will not be forgotten, because it has so much involved within it. Not just the music but the content within, that will it keep as a refresher.

Sweden-based metal outfit Methane have released a live music video of their song "Scars and Bars". The song comes off of their debut record "The Devil’s Own", released on Sony’s Dark Star Records in early 2017.

"We love playing live, its onstage where the music comes to life." said bassist/vocalist Tim Scott about the clip. "This song has a deeper meaning for me and means alot to have recorded this at home and our home crowd,maybe the person who inspired the anger in the text."

The video was recorded live with soundboard quality sound at Liljan in Methane’s home town Borlänge Sweden, September 19, 2017 on ’The Devil’s Own European tour’. Scars and Bars is the first in a series of live videos to be released from the tour.

Check out the video right over HERE.

David Ellefson of Megadeth, via his label EMP LABEL GROUP, has announced the relaunch of COMBAT RECORDS, the seminal Punk/Thrash label that started Megadeth’s career.

Most will remember Combat Records as one of the seminal thrash labels of the 1980s, their most prominent artist being, of course, Megadeth. Combat was also home to Helstar, Circle Jerks, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, and many of the most influential Metal and Punk bands of all time.

After a handful of ownership changes and attempted reboots, COMBAT went dormant in the mid-2000s, the catalog got absorbed by SONY, and the label itself ceased to exist. In 2016, David Ellefson, with his partner Thom Hazaert from EMP Label Group, did the due diligence to research and acquire the intellectual property for the COMBAT RECORDS brand, and bring it home to the EMP family.

With the utmost respect to the legacy of the past, COMBAT will relaunch in 2018 as an imprint of EMP LABEL GROUP, releasing not only new releases from classic Thrash and Metal artists, but as a home for new and up and coming artists as well. The first tentative COMBAT releases in 2018 will be the North American release of the upcoming studio album from legendary NWOBHM titans RAVEN, a limited edition classic B-sides release from HELSTAR, (both original COMBAT artists) and new releases from CT Hardcore/Metal staples Dead By Wednesday and 80’s progressive thrash favorites WRATH.

Says Ellefson, “Today is a really exciting day, as after over a year, it was finally announced the we will be relaunching the legendary Combat Records as a new label through EMP Label Group. So excited and honored to be able to revive such an iconic brand that was so instrumental to my history. Even though we signed to Capitol after Killing is my Business, Combat's logo was on all the MEGADETH releases through Countdown To Extinction, and it truly was/is one of the most iconic Metal labels of all time, even being home to some of the other artists who would end up on the EMP roster, like Helstar. The same independent spirit that drove COMBAT in those early days, is truly the same spirit that drives what we do with EMP, and we are honored to launch another amazing conduit to support new and established Metal artists, with great respect to the legacy of the past.

And to clarify, we do not own any rights to the COMBAT back catalog. That is owned, and controlled by SONY, and they have done a great job of curating it through other imprints. COMBAT RECORDS will solely focus on NEW releases under the COMBAT banner. As always, thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more details!”

COMBAT will be distributed through EMP LABEL GROUP, via AMPED DISTRIBUTION in North America, and SPV in Europe.

Aerodyne has released the first single titled "Comin' For You", off the new album "Breaking Free", set for release on December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group, distributed by Sound Trek in Italy, AnderStein Music in Japan and Plastic Head in the rest of the world. Check out the album's details and band input below and new single HERE.


1. As Above, So Below
2. Comin' For You
3. Breaking Free
4. Aerodynamic
5. Pedal To The Floor
6. We All Live A Lie
7. Until You're Gone
8. Setting Hell On Fire
9. Run Away
10. Back To Back

Aerodyne is:

Daniel Almqvist: Vocals, Guitar
Timmy Kan: Bass
Johan Bergman: Lead Guitar
Christoffer Almqvist: Drums

Web / Social Links:

Two-timeGRAMMY® Award winning, acclaimed singer-songwriter and Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan today released Pillbox, a silent film set to music from his critically acclaimed new solo album, Ogilala. Inspired by a hero's journey, the film was written by Corgan, and directed by Corgan alongside longtime collaborator Linda Strawberry.

"I thought it was a different approach to listening to an album, to watch it in essence with a related, albeit non-linear, silent movie.  Art is art. And together the two pieces create a work unto itself," shared Corgan on the film's connection to his new album.

Pillbox is a Strawberry-Blank Assassin Production and stars: Harry Holmes, Rai Quartley, Anna Steers, Kalpana Pot, Hardeep Manak, Los Angela, Paul Seroka, Amelya Hensley, and Ike Catcher. The filmpremiered last month with five intimate screenings in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Sydney.

Pillbox is available to view now HERE.

Metal giants ICED EARTH are excited to reveal plans to bring their "pure and absolutely incorruptible heavy metal" (Rock Hard Italy) to fans across North America as they announce details on their "Incorruptible" World Tour in 2018.

Founding member and songwriter Jon Schaffer reveals: "Brothers and sisters! We are very aware at how impatient you have been getting about our North American tour announcement, but the time has arrived!! We will be seeing you soon in a very extensive USA/Canada run.  Be there, it will be an awesome time for sure!"

The band, consisting of Schaffer, drummer Brent Smedley, vocalist Stu Block,
bassist Luke Appleton, and new guitarist Jake Dreyer, will venture across the U.S. and Canada from February 22 through March 29 with featured support from Sanctuary and Kill Ritual. Dates are as follows:


2/22 Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe  #
2/23 CIncinnati, OH - Bogarts #
2/24 Louisville, KY - Mercury Ballroom #
2/25 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Ballroom #
2/26 Minneapolis, MN - Music Hall #
2/27 Omaha, NE - Sokol Underground #
2/28 Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall #
3/2 Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room #
3/3 Calgary, AB - Marquee Beer Market & Stage #
3/4 Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theater #
3/5 Seattle, WA - El Corazon #
3/7 Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades #
3/8 Los Angeles, CA - Belasco Theater #
3/9 San Diego, CA - House of Blues #
3/10 Anaheim, CA - Parish @ House of Blues #
3/11 Phoenix, AZ - The Pressroom #
3/13 San Antonio, TX - Aztec Theatre #
3/14 Dallas, TX - House of Blues #
3/15 Houston, TX - House of Blues #
3/16 New Orleans, LA - Parish @ House of Blues #
3/17 Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade #
3/18 Charlotte, NC - Underground #
3/19 Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage #
3/21 Wilmington, DE - The Queen #
3/22 New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre #
3/23 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall #
3/24 Quebec City, QC - Imperial Bell #
3/25 Montreal, QC - Corona Theater #
3/26 Toronto, ON - Phoenix Theater #
3/27 Cleveland, OH - Cambridge Room @ House of Blues #
3/28 Detroit, MI - St. Andrew’s Hall #
3/29 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge #
# with Sanctuary & Kill Ritual

Cradle Of Filth have announced a new north american tour titled the "Cryptoriana World Tour North America 2018". Support will be coming from the Ukraine based band JINJER who have quickly become one the most talked about names in the heavy metal landscape today.

Since the release of their Napalm Records debut "King Of Everything", they have kept a steady touring schedule including a main support slot on ARCH ENEMY's Eastern European tour and more recently a very successful headline run of the United Kingdom. Already setting their sights on 2018, JINJER have just announced a North American tour as special guests for CRADLE OF FILTH! This marks the JINJER's first time playing on North American soil.

Eugene, bassist for JINJER had this to say: We're not only excited about playing North America for the first time EVER but also about touring with legends Cradle Of Filth, whom we grew up listening to and have a lot of respect for. Being able to watch them every night and throw down to new crowds is like a dream come true. Our fans have asked us many times to tour there and it feels great to finally give them a chance to catch us live!

Make sure to catch JINJER's North American debut together with Cradle of Filth on the following dates:


03/29/18 TX - Dallas / House Of Blues
03/30/18 TX - Houston / House of Blues
03/31/18 TX - Austin / Come And Take It Live
04/02/18 FL - Ft. Lauderdale / Revolution Live
04/03/18 GA - Atlanta / Buckhead Theatre
04/05/18 PA - Philadelphia / Theatre Of Living Arts
04/06/18 MD - Baltimore / Baltimore Soundstage
04/07/18 NY - New York / Irving Plaza
04/08/18 MA - Worcester / The Palladium
04/10/18 QC - Montreal / Corona Theatre
04/11/18 ON - Toronto / The Opera House
04/12/18 MI - Detroit / St. Andrew's Hall
04/13/18 IL - Joliet / The Forge
04/14/18 MN - Minneapolis / Music Hall Minneapolis
04/16/18 CO - Denver / The Summit Music Hall
04/17/18 UT - Salt Lake City / Rockwell At The Complex
04/19/18 CA - Los Angeles / The Belasco Theater
04/20/18 AZ - Phoenix / The Van Buren
04/21/18 CA - San Diego / House Of Blues
04/22/18 CA - San Francisco / The Fillmore

SINARO is serving up a blazing helping of heavy metal greatness with the new video "Break The Paradigm" mixed by Chris "Zeuus" Harris and featuring All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert.

"It's an honor to have my friend Oli Herbert join us in this video and do such amazing job on his guest solo. All my band mates in SINARO are also very influenced by All That Remains's albums. The whole band was extremely excited for this collaboration." - Gus Sinaro

Check out the video right HERE.

Desert Storm have announced a European headlining tour, in support of their upcoming album titled "Sentinels", out in 2017 on March 1st! Check out the list of dates below.



3rd        UK – Manchester – The Bread Shed (headlining the APF Records Showcase All-Dayer)
17th      UK – Birmingham – 02 Academy
22nd     NL – Rotterdam – Baroeg
24th      NL – Eindhoven – The Jack Café
25th      NL – tbc
26th      BEL – Antwerp – Kids Rhythm & Blues
27th      GER – Berlin – Urban Spree
28th      GER – Weimar – Gerber 3


1st        GER – Dresden – Chemiefabrik
2nd       CZ – Prague – Klub Baryton
3rd        PL – Warsaw – Hydrozagadka
4th        SK – Bratislava – Fuga
5th        SK – Kosice – Collosseum
6th        UKR – Lviv – Freda 61 Klub
7th        PL – Wroclaw – Black Moon
8th        GER – Cologne – Limes
9th        NL – Zwolle – Jacks Bar
10th      BEL – Brussels – Rock Classic


7th        UK – Bradford – Underground


25th      UK – Bolton – Alma Inn (Riff Fest 2018)


29th      UK – Sheffield – O2 Academy (HRH Doom Vs Stoner 2018)