First Blood – Silence is Betrayal

Hardcore thrashers First Blood have returned with their follow-up release to 2004's "Killafornia” entitled "Silence is Betrayal". The album begins with the "Intro", track that states “the revolution is underway” which easily builds up into "Silence". The album is concept based and each of the individual tracks has a theme to go with it. Like take "Enemy", this builds up the anger within and once released it doesn't want to back down its right. "Resist", has its anthem cry for help crying simply that "I refuse! No I won't comply!" whereas "Enslaved" wakes up those who have not gotten the message yet.

The album surrounds itself to being nothing more than your average take on what hardcore is. The constant breakdowns, two stepping treks with shout-along vocal chanting that keeps the music pulsed and pumped. First Blood's guitar, bass, and drum tactics is well thought out and has a solid mix of what to expect.

First Blood has urgency to get their voice heard and the word out because as they put it, time is running thin. It is time to call in and take action because this silence has been broken and has turned into pure betrayal, nothing more.

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