Sincarnate – As I Go Under

Romanian death metal act Sincarnate has unleashed their debut full-length album, "As I Go Under". But since their descent back in 2005, the band has gone off to gather up its musician torch carriers and focus on unleashing this album they have been working so hard on, over the last few years. Now that this time has upon them there is no turning back.

Sincarnate’s “As I Go Under”, delivers a death metal vibe but with an added mix of melodic attitude that progresses every so often it makes the music quality sound that more realistic. For instance the guitar work is done quick and easily whereas the drum beats take their time and slowly build up in the backdrop if you will. While the vocal chords charge straight ahead and take the whole foreground of the music engulfing every inch.

Sincarnate’s choice of style is rather typical but they manage to pull off some unusual skills that make their music stand out above all the rest. So this goes into saying that, Sincarnate surely has what it takes to get the ball rolling music-wise but will continue to establish it altogether piece by piece.

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