Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop's Birthday Suit Interview

Asking Alexandria poked fun at their leading front man Danny Worsnop, as he cooked him and his band mates’ breakfast in the nude. In which he was conducting a phone interview discussing the band’s current schedule of duties ranging from a re-release of “Stand Up and Scream” right down to how it all began to what’s in store for their follow-up release “Reckless and Relentless” due out Spring time of next year.

1. First off, let’s just hear a brief background of the band.

Danny:  We formed about two years ago everyone else came together then got signed to a label, recorded an album and went on tour. Now we’re recording and writing our follow-up album.

2. Where did you get the name Asking Alexandria from?

Danny: Ben came up with it.

3. So what can you tell us about your upcoming release "Reckless and Relentless"?

Danny: It’s a more of a rock n’ roll approach.

4. Would you say that it's completely different from your previous release?

Danny: It’s not completely different it’s more progressive yet quite similar to what’s out right now.

5. If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing?

Danny: I don’t know probably sitting under a bridge destroying myself and trying to get into a band.
6. Is your family supportive of the band?

Danny: Yes they are.

7. Who would you say are your main influences? Which bands inspired you to become musicians?

Danny: I’m an old school guy so all of the modern music that’s out nowadays isn’t my thing.

8. You guys played in this year's Thrash and Burn Tour what was that experience like?

Danny: It was different. We played to crowds we aren’t quite use to but it went well overall.

9. What about this tour you have coming up, you're going to be direct support for All That Remains what do you hope to accomplish from this touring cycle?

Danny: It’s going to be lots of fun, should go better than anything we’ve done before. We’re all very excited about it.
10. Where do you see Asking Alexandria in 5 years from now?

Danny: I think we’re going to slowly progress into a style of music that’s going to last longer than any other genre of music out there.

11. How about 2010 into the New Year what can we expect from you guys?

Danny: We got a re-release coming out, then the new album, and just tour, tour, tour.

12. Do you have any messages for your fans?

Danny: Yeah check out our music and see you at the shows.

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