July 2013

Most bands fail when attempting to combine the dark melodic undertones of metal and hardcore with sing along chorus's that get stuck in your head for days. Requiem for the Dead have succeeded beyond anyone's expectations by putting out some of the best rock songs in the scene today. With breathtaking vocals by former front man of Epitaph Records powerhouse group I Am Ghost, and the combination of souring orchestra's mixed with vicious guitars and bass, the group have stepped forward as visionaries in a time when most bands sound the same. Frontman vocalist Steve Juliano talks of the upcoming new album and video release for the song "Poison Girl".

1. Tell me why did you want "Poison Girl" to be your next music video choice and did you make the right choice?

Steve: We as a band were always extremely excited to play Poison Girl live. It is kind of the new direction we are heading, and even though we love our older music, we felt Poison Girl was just a fresh new start for us, being that it was put together by the new members.

2. How does "The Death Note of Shipwrecks" and "Poison Girl" differ, compare, and evolved?

Steve: The Death Note of Shipwrecks was written fast. Written with no pre-production. It was a song that I wrote lyrics to with no say on structure, so to me, it never really felt part of me. Its a damn good song. We all still love to play it live. I just feel Poison Girl is a little more technical and shows the bands ability as a whole. There are a lot of great musicians in this group, and I felt we needed to showcase it a lot more in our songs...

3. Can you tell me about the concept behind the "Poison Girl" video?

Steve: I was always in love with Alice in Wonderland, and not the Disney version, but the actual book version. It's such a weird story, full of madness and crazy turns that was ahead of its time. I think since I was in high school i wanted to make my own Alice in Wonderland movie, but never had the time or money to do this kind of concept. We finally had people in the band, and with the label at Veda and Isis, that backed my idea 100%. I told the band to just "trust me" on this video idea, and they did.

4. How would you say these videos compare or differ to your previous band's I Am Ghost's videos?

Steve; In the past videos with I Am Ghost, I honestly really had no say in the concept. We were told to shoot a video for this song, or that song, and that this guy would direct it, and that this was "his" idea, and we were either yes, or no. I had never been given the chance to write my own music video synopsis. When we were given the go ahead to shoot a video for Poison Girl, I told the band, "let me write it... let me figure how to make this shit work." and they let me. It was more work than most people I think could handle, but I never gave up. You can not believe how hard it is to shoot such a video on this scale...

5. Do you ever get tired of being asked about I Am Ghost?

Steve: Eh, what can I do? I was in that band for 6 years. We did good stuff. I am proud of I Am Ghost.

6. Where are you in the process of the new album?

Steve: We are currently in the studio just writing new music. So far, we have around 9 new songs in demo format, and looking to have about 15 to 20 new songs to choose from by end of August. This time around, we want to have a huge arsenal of songs to figure out what should be on the new CD. I think if we actually have choices this time, the CD will be unreal. We in the past just recorded what we had.

7. Do you know who will be producing the album?

Steve: I have kinda given up on Producers to be honest. I have been in this game for a very, very long time. I think I know what sounds good and what does not sound good. I am not interested in paying a producer half our budget to sit and tell us what to do. I think we can manage our money better with the band deciding the final outcome. I trust everyone.

8. Have you chosen a title and will this album take a concept route?

Steve: So far, no title yet. The title is usually the last thing on my mind, and I wait until the album is done to figure that all out.

9. Where are you recording the album?

Steve: We have our own studio in Aptos, CA that our drummer runs. Its in the forests, its mellow... it's good times.

10. How would you say the new album compares to your previous records?

Steve: This time around, we are doing serious pre-production that was never done on any Requiem songs in the past. We are writing songs, picking them apart, talking about certain aspects to change, or make better. We are giving ourselves months to do this, and not rush a god damn thing. It sucks taking off shows, but writing good music, to me, is way more important at the moment.

11. What’s the writing and recording process for you?

Steve: It is a lot of give and take. I have learned from my past bands that you will have arguments. Not everyone will agree on certain aspects of ideas and thoughts. The best thing is to listen... and compromise.

12. Are there any surprises or collaborations on the album?

Steve: We have some ideas... but I don't know if I can make it happen. Only time will tell.

13. When did you start writing for this album?

Steve: We started writing these songs about two months ago. We got serious about the writing aspect about a month ago. We told ourselves not to book any shows at this time to strictly immerse ourselves in new songs. We all love to play live, so we miss it, but this is way more important.

14. How do you think the vibe in the studio will go?

Steve: So far, this is the most mellow bunch of writers I have ever worked with, so so far its been really good. We have had our arguments, but nothing too intense. We are all just really passionate about what we like. And I respect that.

15. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Steve: We are looking at a mid December 2013 release. Cross your fingers.

16. Will this album be available for free as the others have been?

Steve: No... this is a major release, so it will be sold on all the online music sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, but also sold at stores (stores that still actually sell CDs... ha ha ha)

17. Can we expect pre-order packages as well?

Steve: I presume a yes on that one.

18. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Steve: Soon as we finish this baby, we want to begin playing more shows. Again, Requiem does not have a lot of shows under our belts. We need to get out of California for sure, and hopefully do some real touring.

CATTLE DECAPITATION has launched a brand new video for "Your Disposal" from their most recent album, Monolith of Inhumanity. The band worked with Mitch Massie once again to create an irreverent, grotesque piece of cinematic artistry.

Notes CATTLE DECAPITATION's Travis Ryan: "Director Mitch Massie has presented us all with a bizarre retelling of the story of Adam and Eve using themes from our latest album Monolith of Inhumanity. Here we see Eve giving birth to humanity, a living, breathing piece of primordial meat birthed into the dirt making its way through the Garden Of Eden, hell-bent on destruction… A clean and conscious monolith foretelling what could be possible given the fact that humans exhibit superior traits of intelligence, instead the earth is flooded with technological fallout and debris by the hands of man. This video is very much a prequel to our other videos ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’ and of course, ‘Kindgom of Tyrants.’"

Check out the video HERE.

L.A.'s own WARBRINGER, have been locked away in The Omen Room studio with producer Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Symphony X) for the past few months and are about to complete their next masterpiece, IV: Empires Collapse. The next level results of the new album are due to each band member pushing their own abilities and working together on the complex arrangements as well as the simple hooks.

IV: Empires Collapse is a collective work between the five band members and the producers. "Musically, all five of us brought something for the rest of the group to work off of and we were all a part of chiseling away at the ideas" says drummer Carlos Cruz of the recording process. "Having five band members with eclectic tastes in music from Crust Punk to Progressive music and everything in between brought about new musical directions for the material."

The band has been documenting the recording process via social networking and capturing everything on film. Here is the latest update:

Episode #3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gguX72LRyxQ
Episode #1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMzz1PiX9VQ
Episode #2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNRb7JOCCY8

WARBRINGER IV: Empires Collapse will be released October 15, 2013 via Century Media Records. The band will hit the road in support of genre legends OVERKILL and KREATOR starting the night before Halloween in Baltimore and ends with two nights in New York City.


10/30 – Baltimore, Md. @ Soundstage – Kreator close
10/31 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Trocadero – Overkill close
11/1 – Worcester, Mass. @ The Palladium – Overkill close
11/2 – Montreal, Quebec @ Club Soda – Kreator close
11/3 – Toronto, Ontario @ Opera House – Kreator close
11/4 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Altar Bar – Kreator close
11/5 – Columbus, Ohio @ Al Rosa Villa – Overkill close
11/6 – Joliet, Ill. @ Mojoes – Overkill close
11/7 – Lawrence, Kansas @ Granada – Kreator close
11/8 – Englewood, Colo. @ Gothic Theater – Kreator close
11/9 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ In the Venue – Overkill close
11/11 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Rickshaw Theater – Kreator close
11/12 – Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon – Overkill close
11/13 – Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne Theatre – Kreator close
11/14 – San Fran, Calif. @ Filmore – Kreator close
11/15 – Anaheim, Calif. @ The Grove – Kreator close
11/16 – Tempe, Ariz. @ Marquee Theatre – Kreator close
11/17 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Sunshine Theater – Overkill close
11/18 – Dallas, Texas @ Trees – Overkill close
11/19 – San Antonio, Texas @ Backstage Live – Kreator close
11/21 – Louisville, Ky. @ Diamond Pub & Billiards – Kreator close
11/22 – W. Springfield, Va. Empire – Overkill close
11/23 – New York, N.Y. @ Stage 48 – Overkill close
11/24 – New York, N.Y. @ Stage 48 – Overkill close

The Devil Wears Prada have announced the 8:18 Tour happening this fall and they will be bringing The Ghost Inside, Volumes, and Texas In July. Find out where from the dates below!


11/2/13 - Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
11/3/13 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
11/5/13 - Cleveland, OH @ HOB Cleveland
11/7/13 - Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe at Old National Centre
11/9/13 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
11/10/13 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
11/12/13 - Winnipeg, Canada @ The Garrick
11/14/13 - Calgary, Canada @ MacEwan Ballroom
11/16/13 - Edmonton, Canada @ The Starlite Room
11/19/13 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
11/21/13 - San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
11/23/13 - Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
11/24/13 - Denver, CO @ Exdo Event Center
11/25/13 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/26/13 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
11/27/13 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Cafe - The Strip
11/29/13 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
11/30/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Club Nokia
12/1/13 - Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
12/4/13 - Dallas, TX @ HOB Dallas
12/5/13 - San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
12/6/13 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
12/7/13 - New Orleans, LA @ HOB New Orleans
12/8/13 - Tampa, FL @ The Ritz Ybor
12/10/13 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
12/11/13 - Orlando, FL @ HOB Orlando
12/12/13 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
12/14/13 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
12/15/13 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
12/17/13 - New York, NY @ Best Buy Theatre
12/18/13 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
12/19/13 - Montreal, Canada @ Club Soda
12/20/13 - Toronto, Canada @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

Metal icons DEICIDE are returning to the road this fall on their NO SALVATION TOUR 2013 - a headlining run with fellow Century Media labelmates and death metal favorites BROKEN HOPE. Also in support are DISGORGE and NECRONOMICON.

The tour launches October 2 in Atlanta, GA, and ends October 24 in Austin, TX. Highlights include a convergence with the Delaware Death Fest October 5, as well as stops in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Complete dates are listed below.


10/02 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
10/03 Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall
10/04 Springfield, VA – Empire
10/05 Wilmington, DE – Mojo 13 (‘Delaware Deathfest‘)
10/06 New York, NY – TBA
10/07 Montreal, QC – Club Soda
10/08 Toronto, ON – Wreck Room
10/09 Pittsburgh, PA – TBA
10/10 Columbus, OH – Alrosa Villa
10/11 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
10/12 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
10/13 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
10/15 Spokane, WA – The Hop
10/16 Seattle, WA – TBA
10/17 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
10/18 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
10/19 S. Lake Tahoe, CA – Whisky Dick’s
10/20 W. Hollywood, CA – Whisky
10/21 Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto
10/22 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
10/23 Dallas, TX – Trees
10/24 Austin, TX – Infest

California metal rockers Joseph Michael and Starla Baker of Midnight Reign have since been out doing other projects while also writing material for their upcoming follow-up release to "Never Look Back" called "Are You Gothic?" due out next year. Frontman vocalist and guitarist Joseph Michael took sometime to discuss the band's progress with the upcoming release and how much activity they have done since Midnight Reign, reigned the streets of the California terrace.

1. So give me the rundown on what Midnight Reign has been up too, you guys disappeared as of 2009.

Joseph: I have been busy writing songs and building the Recording studio and Record Label HRX Records.  The Biggest expense from the first record (Midnight Reign - Never Look back) was the studio costs. So instead of spending tens of thousands on another record I took that money and made it so I could record infinite records. Also The White Wizzard Tours and Records have taken most of my time this year.

2. Where are you in the recording process of the new album? 

Joseph: I have all the drums and guitars done.

3. Where are you recording the album? 

Joseph: The HRX Records Studios.

4. How has the band’s sound evolved from Never Look Back to Are You Gothic? 

Joseph: We’ll I am a better singer and guitarist now.

5. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD? 

Joseph: No… I like to get lost and come back with a new work. Same as always. Now instead of LSD it’s Craft Beers, Deschutes Black Butte Porter/Obsidian Stout and Dogfishhead 60 minute IPA are perfect writing partners.

6. What inspired the album title? Is it a concept album? 

Joseph: I just hate the whole gothic music scene. I love the image though so I always get the goth tag and people don’t know what to expect.

7. Who is producing the album? How has the producer aided the recording process?

Joseph: I will again be producing.

8. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album? 

Joseph: Well The band isn't really a band. I’m like a heavy metal Prince or Trent Reznor. I played all the instruments except the drums/violin and cello last time. Same as this time. Adam Gust is on the drums again for “Are You Gothic?”.

9. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before? 

Joseph: No, the vocals will definitely surprise you.

10. When did you start writing for this album? How was the songwriting process different/similar to previous Midnight Reign albums?

Joseph: I started writing this record about 5 years ago.

11. Did you feel any pressure to do this follow-up to Never Look Back? 

Joseph: Nah, I have recorded about 6 records since then. I do this on my own terms.

12. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about? 

Joseph: There is a song called “The Parade” it’s about religious credulity… It’s similar in structure to the song Never Look Back.

13. Will The Hollywood Rx Records be releasing this album? 

Joseph: Of course.

14. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?) 

Joseph: Religion… and Sex.

15. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Joseph: Yes, I have written over a thousand songs. They are slowly making their way out to the public. Like The “Joseph Michael – Ellipsis Sessions” Record.
16. Who are your musical influences? 

Joseph: Mozart, Pantera, Slash, King Diamond, Sebastion Bach, Savatage… LSD.

17. How do you describe your music to people? 

Joseph: I like the old tag line.. “Satan Listening To Appetite For Destruction on LSD.”

18. What are the biggest obstacles for bands? 

Joseph: Money. Oh and lack of talent and songs.

19. What advice would you give to fellow bands? 

Joseph: Quit. 99% of you should be doing other things. That one percent is that good? You should co-write with me on the next “Christmas Record”. LOL!

20. What image do you think your music conveys?

Joseph: I hope it’s a pretty one.

21. When can we expect the new album to be released?  

Joseph: I’d say beginning of next year. I”ll be in Europe for two months touring with White Wizzard (Earache/Century Media Records).

22. What are your expectations for the CD?

Joseph: That you will love it… but some people will think it’s “not metal enough”.

23. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future? 

Joseph: Tons of new music. I’m going to release 100 records or more before I drop dead.

24. Is that your final answer? 

Joseph: NO.

Northeast Iowa MetalFest is an all ages heavy metal/hardcore music event circulating through Northeastern Iowa featuring regional bands. MetalFest '13, presented by AM/FM Productions, is happening Saturday August 31st at Echo Valley Speedway/Reception Center in West Union Iowa. This event will showcase six Iowa regional metal bands from the Cedar Valley area and Cedar Rapids. All of this and more information can be found on FB www.facebook.com/NortheastIowaMetalFest and at the company page www.facebook.com/amfmproductions. Co-owner of AM/FM Productions Kevin Phillips spoke of this festive event and what else this can all lead onto.

1. So how long has Iowa been holding this Metalfest?

Kevin: This is the first year for the Northeast Iowa MetalFest. We're pretty excited about it.

2. What is this festival about what sets it apart from all the other music festivals?

Kevin: MetalFest 13 is AM/FM Productions way to showcase local Iowa metal bands at a rural event & community that doesn't normally get a chance to experience this.

3. This festival is presented by AM/FM Productions how did you partner up with them to get this set-up?

Kevin: Actually we, AM/FM Productions, came up with the idea ourselves. Being fans of live/local music ourselves, it's our goal to present the very best live, local, and independent music from Northeast Iowa to the fans.

4. Why did you want to create this type of festival?

Kevin: It's all about the music, and bringing people together. With the local music scene the way it is, it’s getting harder and harder to get into a venues’ doors and sometimes it simply comes down to “pay-to-play” in order for a band to perform in front of an audience. We feel it’s time for a change. We want to put our local Iowa (and surrounding areas) bands and artists on the stage where they belong. We know there are a lot of people that enjoy heavier rock music or metal. We wanted to give that group something just for them; something they can't get everyday or even every year in Northeastern Iowa

5. What type of bands will be a part of this festival and why did you want those bands in particular?

Kevin: As with any event, we wanted to present a show that we ourselves would want to attend. We hand picked most of the bands ourselves. We took the time and listened to their music on Facebook, or Reverbnation and we tried to pick bands that would each bring their own unique element and quality to the overall experience.

6. What is it about these bands and their genres that said to you, we want these bands and not any others?

Kevin: While all of these bands are classified as heavy metal/hardcore, they all have their own unique sound and character as well. So there will be variety throughout the show itself.

7. How long has the festival been around?

Kevin: Again, this will be our first year and as much excitement and buzz that it is already making, we hope it will become a yearly event. We are already brainstorming for a bigger MetalFest'14.

8. Where can we pick up tickets to attend this festival?

Kevin: Tickets are available now through AM/FM Productions staff, band members or online at https://tikly.co/-/1716

9. What is it you would like music listeners to take from this festival experience?

Kevin: Basically we want to give the listeners an experience that will last. When people throw down their hard earned money for tickets to something like this, it's our job to make sure they're getting their moneys' worth. We think we've put together an event that will do that...and more!

10. What else do you guys have lined up aside from this event?

Kevin: We are always looking towards the future and brainstorming for upcoming shows/events. We have stand-up comedy coming up on August 10th, MetalFest'13 on the 31st...its hard to say what we will come up with next. Whatever it is, you will want to be there with us.

Northeast Iowa MetalFest is an all ages heavy metal/hardcore music event circulating through Northeastern Iowa featuring regional bands.

Presented by:
AM/FM Productions

Sponsored by:
Sinners ‘n Saints Ink, MCW Freelance, Guitar Center, Monster Energy, Underground Grafix and Fangs For Nothing Clothing.

Performing (in order of appearance):

2.Neutral Red
5.Suffocating Silence

DJ Tommy Friend will be playing music & videos prior to and in between sets, as well as giving away free Monster Energy S.W.A.G (something we all get).

August 31st, 2013

Doors open @ 5:00 pm
Show starts @ 6:00 pm

Echo Valley Reception Center
10201 Harding Rd
West Union, Iowa
(563) 419-6113

Advance $10
Day of Show $12

Advance tickets can be purchased online at https://tikly.co/AMFMProductions/METALFEST13UH
Proper ID and name must be given at the door to gain access if you purchase tickets online.

Every ticket purchased acts as one (1) entry into the prize giveaway. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased for $5 day of/at the show. Proof of age and a legal ID must be presented to and approved by AM/FM Productions. Drawing for one (1) free tattoo by Sinners ‘n Saints Ink ($150 value) and one (1) free Ibanez Gio guitar – conducted before headliner’s set. Must be present to win. Must be 18 or older and show proper ID to be eligible for the tattoo prize.

Pulled Pork/Maidrites, Chips, Candy, etc.

Full bar offering canned beer, pop and mixed drinks.

Mattel's Monster High debuted a few years back and fans were in an uproar when the theme song "Fright Song", was the main web source to capture the create the reality that is Monster High. Now a few years have surpassed and Monster High has developed into a global sensation with various doll lines, movies, specials, convention appearances, multimedia items the list is endless and flawless really. As such, an all new song a refresh or reboot if you will called "We Are Monsters", takes reign introducing a fresh new pop edgy beat with catchy lyrics, groovy melodies, that keeps the music flowing from start to finish. This new approach and take to the Monster High popularity is worth wild having the fans adjust to a new way and appeal to the freaky flaw monster scene. Will this new song perhaps take over "Fright Song", for good or will "We Are Monsters", just be one of those songs that fills in the gaps for enjoying something fresh and new?

Jakks Pacific's Winx Club line is continuing with the trix sisters, Icy, Stormy and Darcy - who attend Cloudtower, a school for witches! They're the Winx Club's arch-nemesis and want nothing more than to steal Bloom's magical power! Each doll comes with 1 hairbrush, 2 arm cuffs, 1 dress, 1 pair of leggings, 1 tiara crown, 1 top, 1 pair of boots and 1 set of evil wings. Expect to find these later this year as a Toys R Us exclusive release.

Icy Dark Sirenix Boxed

Icy Dark Sirenix

Darcy Dark Sirenix Boxed

Darcy Dark Sirenix

Stormy Dark Sirenix Boxed

Stormy Dark Sirenix

Monster High, 13 Wishes, marks the third direct-to-DVD CG animated, feature-length film to be released by Mattel’s Monster High brand in an anticipated partnership with Universal Pictures. 13 Wishes brings to life the age-old adage of “Be scare-ful what you wish for".

Tired of being under her popular older sister's shadow, Howleen Wolf stumbles upon an ancient genie lantern hidden deep within the attic of Monster High. The genie is freed and grants Howleen not 3, but 13 wishes! At first, all her screams come true. But Howleen soon discovers that each wish comes with a dark side and finds herself under an evil spell of temptation that wreaks havoc on the student body of Monster High.

Join Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Abbey Bominable and the rest of the Monster High ghouls on an all-new DVD movie adventure as they strive to save Howleen… and the very soul of Monster High! Check out the trailer below and pre-orders available online via Amazon, Walmart, and more!

MGA Entertainment's Bratz spin off series Bratzillaz has a spin off of it's own called the Witchy Glam Princesses. The three dolls featured in the line are the lost princesses from The Witchy Princess story: Angelica Sound, Siernna Calmer and Carolina Past. Find out the tale of the Witchy Princess's HERE. Expect to find these at local retailers sometime later this year.

The Witchy Princess's
The Witchy Princess Doll Line

The Witchy Princess's Dolls and Boxes

Hasbro's My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic line has had it's own version of plushies with it's Funrise brand but now that 4th Dimension Entertainment has joined in, they have there own take with  more accurate show plushies. These will be available in large 10.5 sizes and small sizes coming out this fall.  Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are currently available for now with the rest of the ponies to follow. You can likely find the small sizes at Hot Topic retailers with the large sizes POSSIBLY also being at Hot Topic if not other retailers.

Corpus Christi, Texas "experimental deathcore" band Design the Skyline has called it quits. Formed in 2007 (originally as Extra Large Kids), the group released one album with Victory Records.

Rumors had been circulating recently that Design the Skyline had been dropped by Victory, which we confirmed yesterday, but today comes word that the band has called it quits. Frontman and co-founder Eric Azure had the following to say:

"My heart is heavy as a dawn sets towards a new sunrise. 4 years ago my band Design The Skyline formed from the passion of 7 individuals with the goal of creating a unique open-minded experience in a world bound by normalities. While the goal was ultimately reached and many loving, dedicated fans rose and stand by us, we have decided to part ways and begin a new chapter in our music careers.

"Thank you to all the fans who supported us, fought with us and will continue to do so! I have endless love and appreciation for you! I will never forget all the messages from everyone saying I saved lives, opened eyes, inspired, and helped push through the struggles of life. Though I am just a human like everyone else, it's our voices, and communication that bounds us and together we help eachother go beyond the stars! My will, passion, and focus is stronger than ever before and a project like no other will rise from the ashes. Together we will change the world!

"More information to come very soon. The future is ours!"

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY is pleased to announced their signing to eOne Music / Good Fight Music. Guitarist Will Putney, whose name you might recognize, offers his own words on the news.

"We're extremely happy to be working with eOne/GoodFight. I can remember buying Martyr A.D. and Fortheloveof CDs from Carl when I was a teenager so to have a record released by the man himself is very humbling.

We love Guy at Black Market and everything he's done for us during our time with Black Market Activities. He took a chance on us when Nate and I had some demos in a computer and we owe a lot to that dude. Everyone please support that catalogue, Black Market has the coolest bands!"

The band will release their newest LP called "Hellbound" on Sept 10th, 2013. Putney continues:

"Our new album, Hellbound, is an accumulation of everything we love about heavy music. You'll find nods to Converge, Gojira, Isis, Ion Dissonance, 90s Florida death metal, Swedish melodic death and modern deathcore (the good kind, if thats such a thing). It's hard to classify but it's extremely aggressive and I feel very uncomfortable yet very satisfied listening to it. We hope you enjoy it too. See you on the road."

Check out a teaser video HERE.

Fantasy, fairy tales, Prince and Princess it's a time of which fairy tales have come back to life it seems in more than one media source from TV, films, toys, and even music has gotten involved a good example of this would be "Poison Girl" by Requiem For The Dead. Directed by Tommy Merry and shot at the Veda and Isis Studios, these guys have taken the Alice In Wonderland approach adding their own twist of wonderland bliss and dreams and fantasy.

It's a good take on the classic fairy tale with its own modern day twist and appeal as to how frontman vocalist Steven Juliano could see fit and make work so well. The graphics, effects, design is so attractive and aw-inspiring it's hard to resist.

Requiem For The Dead's "Poison Girl" video takes a step forward than back i.e. "The Death Note of Shipwrecks". In the end Requiem For The Dead has that creative twist that keeps you focused upon the imaginary being played.

Be sure to catch the exclusive world premiere debut at Revolver's website come August 5th!

Hasbro's successful My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fourth generation series line is returning for it's upcoming fourth season! Come November 23rd the ponies will return with all new adventures including more songs, a Pinkie Pie reunion, super heroes, and much much more! Catch a glimpse into the hype that happened at this year's San Diego Comic Con HERE.

Indie pop band MajorLOVE is a husband and wife project that's creating music all their own and have released their EP "Sorry" as of late. Frontwomen vocalist Johnna talks of this EP and upcoming plans.

1. Why did you guys want this to be a husband/wife type of project and how has that effected your personal space as far as relationship, marriage, outside of the music aspect.

We were really excited at the possibility of doing a project together. When you are in a band with multiple members from all different backgrounds, there is so much room for conflict. And now, with just the two of us, we pretty much have to work out the details. We don't have to wait to make decisions that are subject to the opinions of five different people — and each one's five closest relatives. Instead, we are able to do what's best for our family. It has grown us closer together being bandmates,  it’s crazy to see, and be able to appreciate the strengths we each bring to the table both in marriage and music.

2. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Our marriage — and band, for that matter — really sprouted from a love of having fun.  We are Major and Johnna Harris, a husband-wife indie pop duo out of Phoenix. We met at a concert, fell in love going to them, and now we get to play them together. When we were still just friends, we spent quite a while working on an almost identical version of the Black Eyed Peas' "Imma Be," except our song was about being bumble bees. "Sippin on Jack baby with the nectar, Imma killer bee like Hannibal Lector..." After that, we would mess around with a lot of backing tracks but really didn't get the chance to write our own music until after Major was untied from any other bands. With that, MajorLOVE became our focus.

3. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Major's legal name is Aaron. The last band he was in there was another member named Aaron so he started going by A.J. His band was playing a festival in Mississippi and the crowd thought he introduced himself as Major — clearly a cooler name — and approached him afterward, addressing him by that. And from that point on, that's what he has been — a clearly cooler mistake. We were out in LA after we were newly engaged and two of our closest friends were joking we should call ourselves MajorLOVE when we do our own project. And, somehow, here we are almost two years later, rocking it.

4. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Currently we are based out of Phoenix, where the music scene is sparse but there are a few gems if you look hard enough. I would say that folk rock dominates the majority of local bands, so if you are looking for indie pop in PHX we are your F-I-X.

5. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

On our debut EP "Story," we wrote songs based on personal experiences. "All the Other People" is about the first time we met. We were at a concert and Johnna was backlit so Major was basically talking to a shadow. We wanted the song to have that feeling of your eyes focusing on one thing in a dark room to the point that everything else seems to disappear. The bridge and chorus are mainly from Major's point of view where the verses give a glimpse into where Johnna was at when we first met. Generally, we want our songs to be fun. We like to write music about our personal memories that have the potential to create entirely new personal memories for our listeners.

6. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Early Madonna, the 80s in general, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, etc. And we just sprinkle some pop sparkle on top of all that, because it obviously needed more.

7. Is there any story or concept behind the Story title?

Well, our entire album is full of stories. The title track "Story" is really the love song on the album. Johnna wrote that song about Major and who he was to her. We were friends for quite a while before we started dating and Major saw the heart behind the flirty crazy persona that Johnna was portraying and dug deep to bring out the best in her. The whole album is really about that, letting go of whatever is holding you back and embracing love.

8. Select two songs from Story and what inspired the lyrics.

"Fire Eyes" is something almost everyone can relate to. You know, that night when you are out and see your ex that you clearly had chemistry with and there's that split-second decision between "Are we doing this again?" and "We are REALLY bad for each other" and "the smoke is making us blind," handicapping our already clouded judgement. Watching the "fire rise in each other's eyes" is seeing the old flame of love once shared igniting all over again.

Our single "Sunrise" is about one of the first times that we hung out. We spontaneously drove to California because Johnna wanted to watch the sunrise on the coast. We made it all the way to Laguna beach and were sitting in the sand before Johnna realized that the sun was rising behind us. Major knew the whole time but wasn't going to pass up a six-hour drive with a cute girl. It was really the first time that we had any deep conversation.

9. Who produced Story and what was it like working with them?

It was a collaboration between us and Matt Grabe (The Maine, This Century). Matt is AMAZING.
We had some solid demos when we met with him but he took it to a whole new level with his pop genius.
Working with him was a privilege.

10. Who did the cover art for Story and how much input did you have on it?

Our amazing and talented friends worked on our album cover. Stephanie Brunner is our photographer and she took the super eye-catching photo of Johnna as well as the photo of Major with the balloons that is on the back of the album. Stephanie Haworth designed our logo and branding. Our Stephanies are THE BEST. We majorly love them.

Photography: http://redkitephoto.com/index2.php#/home/
Branding: http://stephaniehaworth.com/

11. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

We are both dead-set on making MajorLOVE an experience, not just a stale, go-through-the-motions production. Fans should expect a dance party if they are at one of our shows, and as soon as you turn on one of our tracks we hope you are singing along. Expect confetti. And pop music that dances on the lines of indie. And bright colors. And unashamed over-the-top goodness. And more confetti. We are really all about crazy, unique shows and fun music that makes you want to dance.

12. Any final words of wisdom?

Don't do a music project with your spouse unless you want to have a lot of fun.

Britain's premier stoner metal band ORANGE GOBLIN will return to perform at venues throughout North America this Autumn. Following the band’s huge success earlier this year as main support for Clutch on their Earth Rocker North American tour, the Brits return for a full headlining run. Kicking off in New Orleans on September 27, the band will visit 38 cities around the United States and Canada before concluding in Nashville on November 9. Support on the tour will come from Holy Grail and Lazer/Wulf.


27 - One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA
28 - Red 7 - Austin, TX
29 - Fitzgerald’s - Houston, TX
30 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX

1 - Sister Bar - Albuquerque, NM
2 - Yucca Tap Room - Tempe, AZ
4 - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
5 - The Satellite - Los Angeles, CA
6 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
8 - The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA
9 - Oakland Opera House - Oakland, CA
10 - Oak Street Speakeasy - Eugene, OR
11 - Fall Into Darkness Festival - Portland, OR
12 - The Highline - Seattle, WA
13 - Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, BC
15 - The Palomino - Calgary, AB
17 - The Pawn Shop - Edmonton, AB
18 - Amigos - Saskatoon, SK
19 - Windsor Hotel - Winnipeg, MB
20 - The Aquarium - Fargo, ND
21 - Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN
22 - Reggie’s - Chicago, IL
23 - Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
24 - Now That’s Class - Cleveland, OH
25 - Rockstar Arena - Dayton, OH
26 - Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA
27 - London Music Hall - London, ON
28 - The Opera House - Toronto, ON
29 - Mavericks - Ottawa, ON
30 - Foufounes Electriques - Montrea, QC

1 - Empire - Springfield, VA
2 - Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY
3 - The Note - West Chester, PA
5 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
6 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
7 - Broadway’s - Asheville, NC
8 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA
9 - Exit/In - Nashville, TN

Orange County California rockstars, Hell or Highwater, was founded by Atreyu’s Brandon Saller, and is the project that keeps Saller stimulated and creative for the time being.  Since their formation they have written and recorded material for their EP "The Other Side" with more material to follow as well as more showcases. Frontman vocalist Brandon Saller was the one to discuss this EP and the future plans for these guys.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Hell Or Highwater, and how long the band has been together.

Brandon: Brandon Saller. Vocals. We've been rippin for a little over 2 years.

2. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Brandon: We are based out if Southern California. We got millions of bands here. Some of my favs are Beta Wolf, and Assuming We Survive.

3. Why did the band want to call themselves Hell Or Highwater and does it have a meaning to it?

Brandon: It's nothing like Atreyu. It's a whole different monster. The name comes from our general outlook on this band. Do whatever it takes. Obstacles aside, we move forward. This is our life.

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Brandon: We're a rock band. Our influences range from Petty to In Flames.

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Brandon: Yes. Usually it's a group effort. Starts w an idea and turns into a beast.

6. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Brandon: Real life. Be it mine or someone else in the band.

7. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Brandon: Absolutely. Songs should be easily one's that fans can relate too.

8. What's your take on The Other Side as a whole?

Brandon: We're really excited about it. It was the first full group effort as a whole for us. The songs are a big more left of center compared to our last release.

9. Is there any story or concept behind the The Other Side title?

Brandon: It is one if the songs but the idea for us was that of seeing yourself as something great. We have great pride in this band. The album cover is a great portrait of this. We are the underdog but people need to remember that everyone was the underdog once.

10. You worked with producer, Fred Archambault, what was it like working with them?

Brandon: He's a genius. By far the best producer I've worked with.

11. Tom Hane did the cover art for The Other Side, how much input did you have on it?

Brandon: Matt came up w the concept. We told him and he nailed it.

12. Select two songs from The Other Side and what inspired the lyrics.

Brandon: Wrong is about when someone in your life is just not right. No matter how much you want them to be. So with times you just have to be real with yourself and move on. Remember the life is about the idea if death. People tend to remember the death of people, I think Due it's dramatic and heavy nature. People don't always die in peaceful ways. This song represents the thought if remembering the legacy and positive side if life and not the death. This song is for my grandfather.

13. What's your favorite song on the EP right now?

Brandon: Wrong.

14. What are your expectations for this EP?

Brandon: We just want our fans to have new music and get some new listeners.

15. Where is this material headed?

Brandon: Straight to hell.

16. Do you guys have a full-length in the works?

Brandon: Not sure. We might just release another EP relatively fast.

Japan's DIR EN GREY will be back in US and Canada this November for a headline tour, with support from DAGOBA. Tickets will go on pre-sale on Tuesday, July 16th at 10 AM (local time) depending on the market.


3 - Trees - Dallas, TX
4 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
6 - Center Stage - Atlanta, GA
8 - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore, MD
9 - The Theatre of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
11 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
12 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
14 - The Opera House - Toronto, ON
16 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
17 - The Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN
19 - The Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO
21 - Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA
23 - The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center - San Francisco, CA
24 - House of Blues Sunset Strip - West Hollywood, CA

Paramore will hit cities across North America this fall on The Self-Titled Tour. Joining them on the road will be Metric and Hellogoodbye. An exclusive presale is going now for paramore.net members and subscribers to the Paramore Newsletter - check your email for exclusive presale codes! Tickets go on sale Friday to the general public. Click HERE for a complete list of dates and ticket info.

"The Death Of Me", the new video from the British metalcore act ASKING ALEXANDRIA, can be seen below. The clip, which was directed by Frankie Nasso and written and produced by Ash Avildsen and Frankie Nasso, features everything from half naked women in vending machines, a stellar performance from the band and a child version of singer Danny Worsnop discovering his destiny.


AFI will release its ninth studio album, Burials, on October 22nd. They will also be embarking on a headlining tour this fall with Touché Amoré. Check out the dates below!


09/12 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater
09/13 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
09/15 Chicago, IL Humboldt Park/Riot Fest
09/16 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
09/18 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
09/19 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
09/21 Byers, CO May Farms, Riot Fest
10/07 Boston, MA Royale
10/08 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
10/13 New York, NY Webster Hall
10/11 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
10/12 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
10/14 Pittsburgh, PA Club Zoo
10/15 Cincinnati, OH Bogart’s
10/17 Houston, TX Warehouse Live
10/18 Austin, TX Mohawk
10/20 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
10/22 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre
10/23 San Diego, CA House of Blues
10/25 Pomona, CA Fox Theater
10/26 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
10/28 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
10/29 Reno, NV Knitting Factory
10/31 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
11/01 Seattle, WA The Showbox at the Market
11/02 Vancouver, BC The Commodore Ballroom

The "House Party Tour" featuring A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil and All Time Low is coming to a town near you check out the dates for it below!


9/11/13 Broomfield, CO - 1st Bank Center
9/12/13 Magna, UT - The Great Saltair
9/17/13 Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater
9/18/13 Portland, OR - Expo Center
9/20/13 San Jose, CA - The Event Center at SJSU
9/23/13 Henderson, NV - Henderson Pavilion
9/25/13 Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Convention Center Arena
9/26/13 Cedar Park, TX - Cedar Park Center
9/28/13 Grand Prairie, TX - QuikTrip Park
9/30/13 Lincoln, NE - Pershing Center
10/1/13 St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium
10/3/13 Bloomington, IL - U.S. Cellular Coliseum
10/5/13 Columbus, OH - LC Pavilion
10/6/13 Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE
10/8/13 Lowell, MA - Tsongas Center
10/9/13 Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
10/11/13 Trenton, NJ - Sun National Bank Center
10/12/13 Bethlehem, PA - Sands Bethlehem Event Center
10/13/13 Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum Complex
10/14/13 Norfolk, VA - Constant Convocation Center
10/16/13 Atlanta, GA - Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood
10/17/13 Simpsonville, SC - Charter Amphitheatre
10/20/13 Houston, TX - Reliant Arena
10/23/13 Boca Raton, FL - Sunset Cove Ampitheater
10/24/13 Orlando, FL - UCF Arena

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