April 2017

Mylee's Dying Wish is an act that has been doing their thing for a short while now. Since about 2014 until 2017, where in between such time, they have gone on to release a couple of releases, including "Da Fucking Demo" (2014) as well as a debut EP release titled "Beauty Of Transformation" (2016). After said releases they continued to go on to write and record for the follow-up and what would be their debut full-length album, titled "Genesis Fallen Chapter". Which believe it or not has a concept to it. A story in fact, one that is a complicated story about the darkest icon that has fallen from the heavens, which hid herself within the holy circle right by the Spring in the Holy Valley which the Catholics branded the valley Forbidden for morals to enter the valley within. The story sounds a bit complicated to understand but it suits the music well enough to say the least.

That said, "Genesis Fallen Chapter" is a release of solid mixtures. Such as its use of heaviness with the music, it takes a piece from the metal genres, but uses it's sub-genres such as screamo with metalcore, having lots of raw emotional screaming antics thrown in quite a bit. While the instrumentals are done more exclusively with pride and passion. Both vocal chords and the instruments work well together, playing off one another though, having the music work well together. It is raw, heavy, edgy, intensity of emotion that flows throughout this release, you get a sense of it from start to finish. Like for instance take such songs as "Underworld Spring", "Possessive Kiss" and "Her Legacy", are all the tracks that tend to stand out more so than the others. These give out that flow of emotional intensity mentioned beforehand. If you want an idea of what this release has to offer then these selections are what it has to offer.

Mylee's Dying Wish's debut efforts that comes in the form and shape that is "Genesis Fallen Chapter", is a solid piece of work, compared to their previous contents. It will surely take them places, showing off what they can do with their musical abilities in music and in writing.

Bullet for my Valentine will release a follow-up chapter in the "Live at Brixton Academy" series. The first chapter being released back in 2006. This follow-up is chapter two consisting of two live albums and a DVD release of the Live at Brixton Academy showcase. Pre-order bundles are available HERE with a expected release being this summer or fall!

Manchester based post-hardcore band Cascade have released the video for their latest single, Ascend.

Drawing influence from bands such as Hands Like Houses and Emarosa, Cascade combine soaring vocals with melodic hardcore riffs to create their huge sound.

Ascend features intricate guitar riffs with atmospheric undertones complemented by smooth vocal melodies and interspersed visceral screams.

The single is available to listen via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Cascade Bandcamp.

Scott Jackson, drummer of Cascade, said: “Ascend is about feeling trapped in an awful situation and deciding to better yourself in order to become free of the situation and improve things for yourself.”

Cascade have recently gained a sponsorship deal with Fireball Whisky and play across the UK during the year including the Tramlines Fringe in Sheffield.

Check out the new song turned video over HERE.

Keep up to date with tour announcements on Cascade’s social media.




Australian rock artist Crystal Ignite has released her debut single, "Everything You Break," featuring Ben Moody (Evanescence) off of her upcoming, as yet unnamed EP. "Everything You Break" was written by Crystal Ignite, Andrew Bojanic, and Liz Hooper and produced by Crystal Ignite and WizardzOfOz.

Everything You Break" is one of the most emotional tracks I have written. It is a tragic love song, a break-up song, that brings the realization that the person you loved was not who you thought they were.

Having Ben Moody featured on guitar makes this track even more special. The breaking Evanescence album he co-wrote was extremely influential on me and my early music career. Working with him on this track is a true honor.- Crystal Ignite.

Check out the song over HERE.

The Acacia Strain have dropped a new song from their forthcoming album Gravebloom, out June 30 on Rise Records. The band has partnered with Revolver to premiere the song "Big Sleep," which features a guest vocal appearance from Kublai Khan's Matt Honeycutt.

"I didn't even understand what the hell was going on when I first heard this song. Luckily, Matt did guest vocals and saved me the embarrassment," said singer Vincent Bennett.

The Acacia Strain will spend their summer as part of the Van's Warped Tour. Dates are HERE.


"Plague Doctor"
"Bitter Pill"
"Big Sleep"
"Abyssal Depths"
"Model Citizen"
"Calloused Mouth"
"Dark Harvest"
"Walled City"
"Cold Gloom"

Listen to the track HERE.

Dark, electro, dystopian dance music siren Lorelei Dreaming, has taken some time to go on to write and record her debut EP release titled "Banshee". The EP consisting of 5-tracks of original works, while the bonus material is 11-tracks of additional music consisting of remixes of her works, done by various artists. That said, the debut EP portion is quite good. In fact, it is more than good, it is done really well. If the genre choices mentioned at the start didn't grab you attention, then the music portrayed surely will do the trick. As this is no trick at all. It is rather a treat! As is this release that is "Banshee". The EP as said consists of 5-tracks of original material, some of which is more outstanding than the last, for instance take such songs as "Scream With Me:", "Edge Of The World", and "Echo Chamber".

These trio of tracks really makes this release stand out as a whole. As in you really get a feel for it. It's pride, passion, and powerful music as a whole full circle if you will. It is all there, within these songs alone. The songs are quite catchy, edgy even, while the vocal chords mixed well with the instrumentals are a solid piece of work. The two tend to play off one another, working as one, as each one is mixed together so well it makes the music ever flow, as you listen into it. The vocal chords are there sounding superb as ever. While the instrumental portions are done good too, having an element all their own, that has them sounding gloomy yet heavy, but keeps to the mixture of dark, electro, and dance style music, keeping the groove in check to the beats.

All in all, Lorelei Dreaming's debut EP is chalk full of interesting sets of material. The original set of tracks will really move you. While the remixes tossed in for good measure, will keep good company for more entertainment. It is truly a release with an act to follow up on, if not persistently enough.

With last year’s digital EP CANDY hitting #1 on iTunes J-POP Album chart, #3 on the overall chart and more than 4.5 million views of the music video on YouTube, FAKY has been a group to watch out for since the very beginning. The group is signed to Japan’s famous music label rhythm zone, home to top artists like m-flo, EXILE, and Kumi Koda, and has performed at major music festivals like SUMMER SONIC 2016, a-nation stadium fes., and POPSPRING while also being nominated for MTV’s VMAJ 2016 BEST NEW ARTIST VIDEO. This March, FAKY released their single “Surrender” which made it all the way to #7 on Spotify’s US Viral Top 50 on April 21st, an incredibly rare accomplishment for a Japanese artist. It also ranked in at #34 on the Global Top 50 chart with more than 15,000 listeners in this month alone, showing the potential the group has for expanding into foreign markets.

FAKY’s “Surrender” is a dance track with a dark, heavy feel that was released worldwide on March 1st. The music video currently has more than 400,000 views on YouTube and in just a month and a half it cracked the top 10 on Spotify’s US Viral Top 50, rubbing elbows with Kendrick Lamar and other international superstars. Since entering Spotify’s US Viral Top 50 on April 15th, the track moved up the chart daily, eventually hitting its current spot at #7. Thanks to that, the track also ranked in at #34 on the Global Top 50, gaining the attention of music fans around the world. Just as internationally popular Japanese artists like Perfume and BABYMETAL before, no one can doubt the potential FAKY has in music markets around the world. Up until now, the majority of J-POP idols and bands have been known for their KAWAII (cute) factor overseas, but FAKY aims to break new ground as a Japanese dance and vocal group that can hold their own among the other high level acts in the world music scene.

Right as the music industry has started to realize the potential of the group, FAKY is about to release their major debut album on June 14th. With their first physical CD release, there is no telling how far these girls can go. If you have yet to experience the music of FAKY, now is the perfect time to dive into their sound.

FAKY Official Website

All That Remains has unveiled a powerful and emotional music video for the song "Madness", starring Army Ranger, Benghazi veteran, and speaker - Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto.  Paronto is a former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and private security contractor who has been deployed throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East and North Africa. He also worked with the US Government’s Global Response Staff conducting low profile security in high threat environments throughout the world.  Paronto was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack on the US Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, helping to save over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours.

The “Madness” video will offer a helping hand to veterans through its support of two vital organizations – Paronto’s The 14th Hour Foundation and The Boot Campaign. Labonte couldn’t be more thrilled with the video and partnerships, sharing, “We are excited to present the video for Madness. With the help of our friend, Kris Paronto we hope to call attention to the veteran community and the effects of Post Traumatic Stress. There are places you can call if you need someone to talk to. Reach out to the community and you'll find the shoulder you need.”

Check ou the video right HERE.

Fall Out Boy have announced a headlining tour calling it "The M A N I A Tour" which begins in the U.S. on October 20th. For every ticket purcahsed $1 will go towards the Fall Out Boy fund, to help charities in their hometown of Chicago. Check out the dates below.


October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
October 21st - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center
October 22nd - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center
October 24th - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena
October 25th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
October 27th - Boston, MA @ TD Garden
October 28th - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
October 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
November 2nd - Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena
November 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center
November 4th - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
November 5th - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena
November 7th - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
November 8th - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
November 10th - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
November 12th - Seattle, WA @ KeyArena
November 14th - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena
November 15th - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
November 17th - Inglewood, CA @ The Forum
November 18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena

Buffalo-based post-hardcore band A Story Inspired has released a new single from their forthcoming EP Overcome/Overthrow. The glitchy, synth-infused metal track "Weak Willed" features Fit For A King's Ryan Kirby on guest vocals. The song is an ode to an issue that has impacted more than one member of the band.

"This track is about drug overdose and self-harm," says guitarist Ryan Ridley. "Within the past few years, many of the guys in ASI have had good friends and loved ones pass away due to drug overdose. The heartbreaking feeling of losing those close to you because of this isn't one that is unfamiliar to us and I'm sure to many of our fans and friends, as well. This is to any of our friends struggling with drug addiction and self-harm."

Overcome/Overthrow was produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Baylis (Nine Shrines, Fallen Captive). In addition to Kirby, the record also features a track with Memphis May Fire's Matty Mullins on guest vocals. It will be available this Friday (4/28) on all digital retailers.

Check out the new song HERE.

Have you ever wanted to just escape? Escape from reality, escape from existence, or perhaps easier aspect of the everyday life, escape from the likes of work, school, friends, or even family members, just stepping away from everything and anything within your own life? Well now you can! Well sort of in a way.... with the music by some various artists with an album titled "Escape The Mind Volume One". It's released being through record label Bongo Boy Records. The music in question is one called new age. New age being often instrumental in nature, having elements such as electronica and non-Western instrumentation throughout its course of material.

So no it is not electronica as far as electronic dance music goes but more laid back source material. It is the type of music you could hear while doing yoga or meditation. Consisting of those light melodic harmonies and sounds being reproduced by the natural world around us that is what this album is all about from start to finish. It contains 13-tracks of these natural sooth sounding tunes, that really take you on a whole another journey or even world of reality.

That said, each track has its own sound to it. It may all sound alike but that is the way this music works. Its ability to keep your mind and body at ease with one another. Having it really work well when playing through the release. Each song has its own source of tone to it. Like "Healing Temple", "Bloom", "No Secrets", and "Full Moon", are the tracks in particular that really stick out the most. These one's really take you in, keeping you at total peace and essence with yourself. It really makes you feel relaxed and calmer than you may have felt before hearing these selections or any of the others for that matter.

In short, this release of material that is called "Escape The Mind Volume One", is chalk full of songs that will likely keep you entertained, enlighten, and be able to feel as yourself. The emotions within just soar throughout your entire body, when listening in to such mystical yet soothing music.

Song Titles and Artist Names
1. Healing Temple - Robert Slap 6:02
2. Traces - Deborah Henriksson 2:27
3. Sanctuary For The Soul - Janice Lacy Project 3:47
4. Wings Of Grace - Tom Baker 4:49
5. Bloom - Matthew Mayer 3:26
6. Soulscape -Deborah Henriksson 3:14
7. Sahara - Robert Slap 4:09
8. Maroon Highlands - Charles Brown 4:01
9. Finding You - Lynn Yew Evers 3:50
10. No Secrets - Rob Mullins 4:23
11. Full Moon - Janice Lacy Project 3:23
12. Yangon ft. DJ K-LA - STEEL 3:50
13. New Horizons - Pamela Davis 4:24

Go pick up the album HERE.

Horror punk has been around for quite some time, most notable act would have to be The Misfits of the late 70's era. Whereas other acts who came afterwards would include such as Danzig, Samhain, Blitzkid, Balzac, The Cramps, 45 Grave, Calabrese, to other horror punk metal based acts like the Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 as well as Gorgeous Frankenstein and Doyle, to recall a handful of the bunch available.

 In the case of German horror punk metal go getters the Mutant Reavers, they have been hard at work writing and recording for their third EP release titled "Secrets Of The Cyborg Crypt". It consists of 7-tracks of brand new horror punk metal inspired material, that has taken the unique sound of the Casket Garden Studios, where the recording took place. All of that said, the release is quite interesting, while it is indeed horror punk inspired with metal tossed in for good measure, it ends up being a rather solid piece of work.

A lot of the tracks off this release, if not most of them, are horror punk based with metal inspirations thrown in throughout. Making the music sound fierce yet heavy at every possible tune played back. The vocal chords are in check with the instrumentals, sounding catchy, upbeat, and raw, as each works well with one another, to sound intense and heavy at all costs.

There is no bad news to be said about this EP release. Mutant Reavers is one of those up-and-coming horror punk metal inspired acts, that will follow along the lines of some of the other horror greats, as The Misfits, or even Calabrese, if not likely others such as The Other or even The Horrorpops, the Mutant Reavers are right up there, with their uniqueness and creativity of horror-based content.

BRATS have revealed an aggressive, “in-your-face” promo image for their upcoming double-A-side single CD release on June 21, 2017, featuring their new songs “Ainikoiyo” (theme from the anime To Be Hero) and “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (theme from the film Slaveman). The CD will be released in Japan in 2 editions: a regular version with 2 songs plus 2 instrumental tracks, and a limited edition CD+DVD package with 2 music videos and the full 6-song set of performance videos from their March 29 “Reborn” concert at Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa, the band’s first live event in over 2 years.

The band has also announced a special series of in-store mini-concerts and autograph events at Tower Records locations in Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, and a special, limited-access Tokyo concert at Live Inn Rosa for fans who pick up the CD on release day.

BRATS “Ainikoiyo”/”Nounai Shoukyo Game” Release Event Schedule

Rel . 06.21.2017

Regular Edition
1. Ainikoiyo
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
3. Ainikoiyo (instrumental)
4. Nounai Shoukyo Game (instrumental)

Limited Edition
1. Ainikoiyo
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
1. Ainikoiyo (Music Video)
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Music Video)
3. Ainikoiyo (Live Video)
4. Nakattakoto (Live Video)
5. Nounai Shoukyo Game (Live Video)
6. Pain (Live Video)
7. Seitouka Pride Monster (Live Video)
8. Kimarigoto (Live Video)

Cadaveria has released the third and last single of the Mondoscuro trilogy, entitled “Mater Tenebrarum”. The cover artwork shows Cadaveria herself acting as a sinister "Madonna (of the Darkness) with Child".

Besides being a Necrodeath cover, the track contains a clear reference to horror cinema, that has always been a source of inspiration for Cadaveria. In fact the final part of the song traces Dario Argento ‘Inferno’ movie’s main theme, originally composed by Keith Emerson. Among the guest artists the organist Ignis Forasdomine and Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth.

Here are the links to main digital stores:

iTunes http://bit.ly/matertenebrarum-itunes
GooglePlay http://bit.ly/matertenebrarum-googleplay
Amazon http://bit.ly/matertenebrarum-amazon

Mondoscuro EP is available on CD and limited edition white or black vinyl.
More info http://www.cadaveria.com/web/

Check out the track right HERE.

Swedish Melodic Death Metal innovators DARK TRANQUILLITY are pleased to announce their return to North American soil; this time taking form as a month long headlining tour. Joining Dark Tranquillity on these upcoming shows in the US & Canada are veteran thrashers Warbringer and heavy metal rebels Striker.

There are both regular tickets available as well as special VIP packages including a meet and greet with the band and a poster. Tickets & VIP packages for all shows are available now via the following link: http://www.enterthevault.com/artist.php?id=451.


September 6th - Margate, FL @ O'Malley's
September 7th - Winter Park, FL @ The Haven
September 8th - Tampa FL @ The Orpheum
September 9th - Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall  
September 10th - Charlotte, NC @ The Underground  
September 11th - Durham, NC @ Motorco        
September 12th - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade        
September 13th - Halethorpe, MD @ Fish Head Cantina          
September 14th - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance  
September 15th - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre  
September 16th - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium      
September 17th - Montreal, QC @ FouFounes
September 18th - Toronto, ON @ MOD Club  
September 19th - Westland, MI @ Token Lounge        
September 20th - Joliet, IL @ The Forge
September 21st - Sioux Falls, SD @ Icon Lounge        
September 22nd - Minneapolis MN @ The Cabooze      
September 23rd - Winnipeg, MB @ Park Theatre          
September 24th - Regina, SK @ The Exchange  
September 25th - Calgary, AB @ Dickens          
September 26th - Edmonton, AB @ The Starlite Room
September 28th - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
September 29th - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon    
September 30th - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre  
October 1st - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's  
October 2nd - West Hollywood, CA @ Whiskey a Go Go  
October 3rd - San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick
October 4th - Tempe, AZ @ Club Red        
October 5th - El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls    
October 6th - San Antonio, TX @ Fitzgerald's        
October 7th - Dallas, TX @ Trees

In This Moment have announced a second leg of "The Half God Half Devil Tour", with support coming from Motionless In White, VIMIC, Little Miss Nasty, and Starset. In addition to this tour, In This Moment will support Avenged Sevenfold on June 19th and Papa Roach on June 23rd. Check out the list of dates below.


6/19 — Mt Pleasant, MI — Soaring Eagle Casino *
6/20 — Peoria, IL — Limelight %
6/21 — Memphis, TN — Minglewood Hall #
6/23 — El Paso, TX — Streetfest  &
6/24 — Lubbock, TX — Lonestar Pavilion #
6/25 — Abilene, TX — Abilene Civic Center #
6/27 — Oklahoma City, OK — Diamond Ballroom %
6/28 — St. Louis, MO — The Pageant
7/1 — North Myrtle Beach, SC — House Of Blues
7/2 — Norfolk, VA — The Norva
7/3 — Lancaster, PA — Freedom Hall %
7/5 — Portland, ME — State Theatre
7/7 — Asbury Park, NJ — Asbury Park Convention Hall
7/11 — Rockford, IL — Coronado Theatre
7/12 — Cedar Rapids, IA — McGrath Amphitheater
7/14 — Mansfield, OH — Ink in the Clink
7/15 — Inwood, WV — Shiley Acres Farm ^
7/19 — Little Rock, AR — Metroplex %
7/21 — Corpus Christi, TX — Concrete Street Amphitheatre
7/22 — Dallas, TX — South Side Ballroom
7/23 — Midland, TX — La Hacienda Center
7/25 — Wichita, KS — The Cotillion
7/26 — Des Moines, IA — 7 Flags Event Center
7/28 — Madison, WI — Orpheum Theater
7/29 — Rochester, MN — Mayo Civic Auditorium
7/30 — Fargo, ND — Fargo Civic Auditorium
8/1 — Bismarck, ND — Bismarck Event Center
8/3 — Billings, MT — Shrine Auditorium
8/4 — Sturgis, SD — Ironhorse Saloon
8/5  — Lincoln, NE  — Centennial Mall & M Street

*Supporting Avenged Sevenfold
#Starset Direct Support, No MIW
&Supporting Papa Roach
%With Vimic, LMN
^No Vimic, No LMN
$No Vimic

The Los Angeles Murderfest's miniature version, The Mini Muderfest will be held this weekend for the end of April, happening Friday April 28th and Saturday April 29th 2017 in Glendale, California at the Complex. The festival being held over two days, instead of its usual three day festivities. The event is 21 and Over ONLY and costs $5.00 before 8PM and $10 after 8PM for both nights! Friday doors are at 6PM and Saturday doors at 7PM. Check out the line-up and set times below.

Friday April 28th 2017:

Angel Flesh 7:40 – 8:05
Cetacean 8:25 – 8:50
Wire Werewolves 9:10 – 9:35
The Dead Prevail 9:55 – 10:20
Consuming Fire 10:40 – 11:10
Lazarus Casket 11:30 – 12:00
Bloodscribe 12:20 - END

Saturday April 29th 2017:

Carnal Necrosis 6:40 – 7:05
Ancestral Awakening 7:25 – 7:50
Beasthrone 8:10 – 8:35
Cause for Blood 8:55 – 9:15
Infirmity 9:35 – 10:05
Syrebris 10:25 – 10:55
Bad Acid Trip 11:15 – 11:45
Empyrean Throne 12:05 - END

Friday Doors @ 7pm / $5 Before 8pm / $10 After
Saturday Doors @ 6pm / $5 Before 7pm / $10 After
21 & Over / Full Bar Plus Extensive Beer Selection

Toya Nash, is a women, that has done it all, ranging from working in film, TV, commercials, theater, as well as music, in which she has released a debut EP, and most recent being her newest song called “Paradise”, which was then made into a single with accompanying video. But that is not the only source of music, to come from Toya, she has new music on the horizon, as well as more activity in the acting front, as she puts it. Her extensive career path is so ever growing and going for her, that she has taken the time in which she discusses her latest “Paradise” single, and further plans for her acting amongst other activity thrown in. Read all about it over HERE.