November 2009

Grabbing their name from a lyric inspired by modern rockers Radiohead, the Culver City based act Backdrifter, from sunny California, formed in late 2008 and since then has not looked back. Steve Watkins and Nate Waxler formally of "The Hypothetical Band" had begun to search for what they knew would conclude their brand new formation Backdrifter.

Soon after the formation had come to a completion and thus the line-up was born, with drummer Terry Barajas, as well as singers Adriann Helton and Kryss Deetch. Now all that was left to do was to make music! This is of course what occurred and what lead the band to unleashing their smashing debut efforts “Sum of Influence”.

Comprising of 12 various tracks you're divided up with your average rock blended in with some modern blues riffs with punk folk attitude driven in between. That showcases the real music being used here, like for instance, "The Great Divide", "Sunny Days", "Everything You Gave Away", and "Stolen Air", all consists of that same momentum the mellow pulsing rate of the drums with upbeat guitar riffs that tend to play against each other if not using an on and off type of method.

Lyrically the words are out spoken and overpower the music’s performance rating by drowning out the music the listener is hearing and replacing it rather than with a more aggressive affection. The listener hears what’s being said and can find themselves bobbing their head to each of the notes being played out its very catchy and makes the music bounce per each beat.

Backdrifter’s style is humble and calm breaking down the beat of the music in every which way possible never missing a beat let alone the mood you feel while listening in, makes these folk blues rockers rocking with absolute ease.