Chasing Avalanche – Without The Hour

When things for Phantom Communique turned to the worse causing the band to call it quits, former bass player Jaiver Gardeazabal went onto pursue other projects including rock locals Chasing Avalanche. Who have proven to be the next best thing to ever come within the rock genre falling between the lines of sounding like Papa Roach meets New Medicine.

The band consists of Brandon Sammons (vocals, guitar, and keys), Mike Evans (guitars/vocals), Bryan Panzeri (drums) and Javier Gardeazabal (bass). Chasing Avalanche is not just a diverse rock act from Los Angeles, California. These Californians bring much more to the table with a new dynamic approach to the modern rock scene. Their sound is mixed with heartfelt lyrics, upbeat melodies, uplifting guitar riffs with outgoing ability to suck in the listener.

By doing this, their debut album "Without The Hour", seeks out to whole generation of music listeners, drawing them in with such songs as "It's Nothing", "Weight of the World", and "Explain the Thoughts", each containing that source of momentum that keeps the music so refreshing. These songs alone set up this album and the whole concept of wanting to life your life not ever wanting to let go of it. Chasing Avalanche has built a solid base for what they want to do and there is no stopping them whatsoever. 

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