Our services with coverage includes, news posts, ranging from press releases, containing various content, premiere's of new music including, videos, singles, songs, etc. Along with us conducting interviews as well, those being based with text versions i.e. email, instant messenger like Facebook messenger, or even audio and video, webcam using Skype, Facebook, Facetime, and in person coming face to face when the individual in question recording said audio or video available.

But we also offer book, CD, DVD, demo, EP, event, movie, products, single, show, theater, toys, videos, and more when it comes to reviewing stuff, because reviews is what we do among other things here.

Photography is another option, live photography when in attendance at your live showcase or other line event, we have covered a wide range of expos, conventions, and even some red carpet events.

Whilst we do receive quite a bit of responses and requests, every day of the week from all around the world, it may take some time to get to everyone but we do provide an answer sooner or later if time persists.

To those who are completely new to us, we do now offer a rating system with fee attached. Please answer the following questions when getting in touch.

What are you, an artist or band or other project?

Where can we listen to your music?

Do you have an official website or form of social media?

Can you provide us an EPK?

Which of our services of choice do you have in mind?

News Post (Press Release of new music, video, tour, etc.)
CD Review
EP Review
DVD Review
Single Review
Show Review

How did you come across our website? (Social Media, Google, Recommendation, etc.)

Out of the choices picked, those will cost at a fee of $10 to be paid via Paypal. These selections can be one or a variety, each one being $10 each, so if you were to pick a news post and a review that would be $20.


If you are indeed interested then feel free to contact us HERE.

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