August 2017

The tale of a proverbial rebirth after being trapped in the tidal waves of life. Feeling lost. Alone. A Stranger to yourself. Watching life happen, as if someone else was living the life you were meant to. A ghost with a heartbeat. Familiar faces, now so unknown. "Waves" signaled a stylistic change. Norman knew then, the time was right to just let it all out.

In late December 2016, the former lead singer of Murder FM was at a personal and professional crossroads. At a time during the most vulnerable Norman Matthew had ever been, the song he began writing for himself to express his emotions gave birth to his most prolific work of his career to date. Musically and lyrically transparent to a fault, His story began to tell itself through song "Waves", the first single that will be available September 15, 2017. As Strange As Angels was born.

"I loved Murder FM. It was my identity. It's who I was." said Norman Matthew. "I loved those guys more than one can imagine. We had a thousand ups and downs together. We traveled the world with our music. Saw more miles than many will see in their lives, and we did it together. We went through marriages, divorces, saw a man lose his in front of us on tour. Obstacles were no stranger to us. Mistakes, I made plenty. Music is my life. The road was the only place I ever felt like home. It was the only time I truly recognized myself. But when worlds collided on the road in July 2016, already embroiled in chaos in my personal life, I knew there was nothing more important than making sure every breath I took, was for my son. I had to make a change. My son is everything to me, and I needed to put that at the forefront of my life, now more than ever"

"I had not written a song for myself in almost two years. I didn't know what to write. Or if I even knew how to write. I was lost, confused. Scared. As a person I felt empty and blank. I didn't know if I would ever have the confidence to set foot on a stage ever again. I made a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of what I would normally do. I changed my workflow. Guitars I played, tunings I used. For the first time, rather than speaking to the song, I let the song speak to me. I had never written lyrics that were a parallel of my life. Then I realized, I have a voice, and I need to be a voice for the voiceless. There HAS to be people that feel the same way I do, and maybe I could make a difference, even in some small way. Things were dark. Life was real. I couldn't breathe. So I just opened my heart, and let it all out. No shackles, no boundaries, no holds barred. I had nothing left to prove, and everything to fight for. It was time to reinvent myself if I was going to survive on every level."

Through the turmoil, a new persona emerged. As Strange As Angels was born. Norman Matthew wrote every note, penned every lyric, and performed every instrument on the record. If I was going to be a solo endeavor, Norman wanted it to be that way from top to bottom. The forthcoming release features a musical aesthetic more versatile than any of Norman's previous catalogue. Bouncing electronic songs off the ears of Tommy Lee. Writing a track with former bandmate Keith Barney of 18 visions. Hitting the drawing board with close friend, CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool. Mentored by platinum producer Beau Hill, Norman enlisted Chris Dawson of Seasons after for mixing duties, and Mike Kalajian (Circa Survive, Saosin) for mastering.

The Debut single from As Strange As Angels is up for pre-order on iTunes now and will be officially released on 9/15/17.

Check out the video for "Waves" right HERE.

Progressive heavy metal band Chronologist has joined CB Entertainment for representation. The group--featuring Julián Gargiulo (Guitar), Nick Broomhall (Guitar), Zach Sacco (Drums) and Jim Schaefer (Bass)--has been making quite a name for themselves around the Texas music scene as well the United States with a constant hard work attitude.

Spending a considerable amount of time on the road in support of their debut full length Cartographer in 2016 as well 2017, Chronologist shared the stage with some of the top names in the heavy metal industry.

Cartographer was produced alongside Evan Sammons (Last Chance To Reason) while mixing/mastering duties were handled by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist). The single “Cartographer” is the brand new release from the full length with the same title.

“Cartographer the song was written about how each of us came from very different parts of the world and somehow managed to meet and start this band. We thought all of the songs on the album fit underneath this larger idea and so it made the most sense for us to make this the title track of our first full length record. We want to thank everyone that’s picked up their copy or supported us in any way!” - Chronologist

Check out the track "Cartographer" right HERE.

Monophona's unique blend of brooding downtempo electronica and 90's-inspired acoustic trip hop makes a welcome return in 2017, as the Luxembourgish trio announce their forthcoming album, 'Girls On Bikes, Boys Who Sing', and reveal the lead single 'The Benefit of The Doubt'. Check it HERE.

Madame Mayhem is a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life - merging theatricality with hard-hitting, rocking tunes. And coming this fall, fans worldwide will get the opportunity to experience this larger-than-life figure on a concert stage, as Madame Mayhem will be hitting the road with Austin John Winkler (formerly the voice of Hinder) and Smile Empty Soul this fall on the Love Sick Radio Tour (presented by M7 Agency) in the U.S.A., before heading over to Europe and the U.K. for dates with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar. A trailer for the tour has been posted here:

“Excited to be part of this leg of the Love Sick Radio Tour with Austin John Winkler and Smile Empty Soul, presented by M7 Agency,” says Madame Mayhem. “I love Austin's voice, and grew up listening to Hinder, and am a fan of Smile Empty Soul - ‘Bottom of a Bottle’ was a song that helped me when I was frustrated or upset growing up, and I love that song, so being able to watch them play every night after our set is going to be a blast. I am also super excited we get to perform in some areas we haven't had the chance to play live for yet. Hope to see new and familiar faces out in the crowd. It's also great that this run is right before we head over to the UK and Europe with Fozzy and Hardcore Superstar. Our sets will have the new not yet released songs as well as songs out now, so it will be cool to introduce these new songs to the world all jam packed in a couple of months!”

Check out all of the dates below.


Sep 22    Front Street Grill        Dardanelle, AR            
Sep 23    Outland Ballroom      Springfield, MO            
Sep 24    Shots                         Rolla, MO            
Sep 26    Spillway                     Bowling Green, KY            
Sep 27    Rockhouse Live        Memphis, TN                
Sep 29    9 Muses                    Tyler, TX                
Sep 30    Hideaway                  Jackson, MS              
Oct 03    Still Bar                      Gadsden, AL            
Oct 05    Captain Hiram's         Sebastian, FL            
Oct 06    State Theatre             St Petersburg, FL            
Oct 07    1904 Music Hall         Jacksonville, FL            
Oct 08    CLUB LA                    Destin, FL            
Oct 11    Poseidon Rooftop Bar   Hilton Head Island, SC            
Oct 12    Carolina Nightlight      Darlington, SC                
Oct 13    Hogtails                      Pendleton, SC            
Oct 14    Johnny and Junes       Winston-Salem, NC            
Oct 15    Open Chord            Knoxville, TN        
Oct 27    O2 Academy 2        Birmingham, United Kingdom            
Oct 28    Tivoli                          Dublin, Ireland            
Oct 29    Limelight 2                 Belfast, United Kingdom            
Oct 31    Live Rooms               Chester-Le-Street, United Kingdom        
Nov 01    Waterfront                 Manchester, United Kingdom            
Nov 02    Islington Academy    London, United Kingdom        
Nov 03    Corporation            Sheffield, United Kingdom            
Nov 04    The Garage            Glasgow, United Kingdom            
Nov 05    Riverside                Newcastle, United Kingdom            
Nov 07    Q Factory                Amsterdam, Netherlands    
Nov 08    Colas Saal             Aschaffenburg, Germany            
Nov 09    Z7                          Pratteln, Switzerland            
Nov 10    Live Club                Trezzo     Sull'adda, Italy            
Nov 11    New Age Club          Roncade, Italy            
Nov 12    Kimera Rock            Rome, Italy            
Nov 14    Flex                         Wien, Austria        
Nov 15    TECHNIKUM          Munich, Germany            
Nov 16    Turock                     Essen, Germany        
Nov 17    Grunespan              Hamburg, Germany            
Nov 18    CPG                        Genk, Belgium

Throw The Fight have announced a new headlining tour, support will be coming from Deadships and Glass Houses. Check out the dates enlisted below. Tickets and VIP info are up at


9/22 - Fort Atkinson, WI @ Hijynx
9/23 - Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli's
9/24 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
9/25 - St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
9/26 - Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone
9/27 - Johnson City, TN @ Capone’s
9/28 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose
9/29 - Cleveland, OH @ The Odeon
9/30 - Toledo, OH @ Frankie's
10/1 - Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub

My Little Pony The Movie is coming this October 6th 2017 and Build A Bear is participating as it has been for quite sometime now. The new Build a Bear plushies will include the movie characters  Songbird Serenade and Tempest Shadow to their collection.

Songbird Serenade is played in the film by Sia, and the 14' plush will feature the stylish bangs and oversized bow she sports in the movie.

Tempest Shadow will be 16', and is voiced by Emily Blunt in the film.

If the new additions aren't your cup of tea, you can always grab new versions of favorites Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie, and Rainbow Dash, which have all received sparkly makeovers!

Find out the pricing and more details including free giveaways and much more right HERE.

When separating yourself from the crowd, it is sometimes more difficult to accomplish than most would think. For as the music scene goes, particularly the metal scene it is quite impossible for a band to stand out above the rest, as a lot of the acts within sound so much alike, or a lot alike at times. For an act such as Fear Is Dead. They want to rise up and stand out against those very odd's and have done just that. Thus their fourth EP to date titled 'What Remains", betters the question what remains?

Well the remains of what the band has to offer from their past experiences and releases of course. But of course, that has to be the reasoning does it not? It sure does, somewhat at least. For this EP takes a stance at their past efforts, stepping into the lame light if you will, showcasing a band that has grown and developed their skill as musicians, more so than before. For with this release, comes pure brutality, raw power, and extreme edginess of music. It brings forth a freshness of appeal of precise experimentation that is truly different and unique.

Like take such tracks as "Strange Times", "Tyranny Of Evil Men", and "Dirt Nap", each of these alone really set up what this EP has to offer. Hence, those previous descriptions in terms of raw power, edginess, and brutality is all showcased right within these song selections here. The instrumental work done by the guitars, drums, and bass, really pack in that powerful punch of adrenaline and pride. Whilst the vocal work is done extremely well, sounding top notch quality, intense, yet edgy. The tone of the voice is heard with such emotion, you can feel the intensity pouring outward. It just works so well together, that it plays together flawlessly really.

When it comes down to it, "What Remains", is a solid piece of work, done by a group of musicians, that have got the passion, pride, and craft to do what they do best, in terms of music making. Surely this release will guide them towards greater chances within not just the metal scene, but the music scene in general. Taking in a greater following altogether with begging the question at the start of it all "What Remains".

Russian death metal band ETHNOR has released their debut EP "Exile". The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Taras Garadga at Portal Studios. ETHNOR was formed in 2010 by ex-members of the band "Decadent" with industrial death metal influence, and released their debut single "Virus". Check out their source of style upon their EP right over HERE.


1. The Awakening
2. Of Ashes and Blood
3. Desert Winds
4. River of Time
5. Godless War

California alt-rock/trap project Leave the Universe recently returned from nine months in London, where they were writing and creating their debut EP N.W.O.. With clear influences in the U.K.'s historical punk rock scene, Leave The Universe seamlessly blends alternative rock, post-punk, and electronic music while exploring themes such as politics, insanity, and love on their forthcoming debut EP, N.W.O., set for release on September 1, 2017. Today, the band has partnered with idobi Radio to debut the official music video for the EP's title track, "N.W.O." Short for "New World Order," this song is a politically-fueled call-to-arms that was written the day after the last U.S. presidential election.

Singer Cameron Cole explains: "That day I saw the perfect example of a system where the general population was like pieces being moved in an elaborate game by the powers that be for the benefit of a select few. I don't think that people realize how much power they truly have in the fact that the game masters need the the people in order to thrive. People are kept in check by a fabricated system of money. This song is meant to be a reminder that we as the people do have the power to change a flawed system if we can stand together, instead of against each other, and recognize the true enemy. We have to power to create a new world."

View the video on idobi Radio HERE.

Ukraine's best kept metal secret JINJER already have a huge fan base throughout Europe following massive European tours and festival performances. Their explosive mixture of groove metal and hardcore flavored with progressive elements is set to take over alternative stages across the globe.

The band states: "We've spent the better part of two years touring our butts off but it's always something special for us when we play the Ukraine. The spirit and intensity of our fans and friends there are a much welcomed reminder of what Jinjer is about and where we come from. We were lucky enough to catch one of those moments at the Atlas Weekend Festival 2017. This live video of Who Is Gonna Be The One is a revamped version with a different arrangement. Consider this is our way of saying thank you to our supporters back home as well as abroad!"

Convince yourself with the brand new performance video for the track "Who Is Gonna Be The One."  Watch the video HERE, courtesy of Metal Injection.

For an act like Inverted Serenity, their style over the course of their almost decade long career span, has seen them collect themselves, gaining such experience as with each of their releases, they have given their desires to evolve with each release.

As it were, their third full-length being their finest yet most eclectic musical offering yet. For "As Spectres Wither", takes forth the mixtures and matches of progressive death metal, to the elements to that of technical death metal that would be paired off with groovy angst of black metal, tossed in with old school death metal feel with good old thrash metal atop it all. Giving you quite an exposure of the genres, bringing to mind such acts as Decrepit Birth, Decapitated, Death, and even Beyond Creation.
As it were with tracks such as "Mechanical Gods" for instance, given the glimpse into what to expect from this album, as it was the first exposure from it, that track really gave birth to the evolvement the band took on. It has elements of all the noted genres, with heaviness to spare, keeping the intensity alive and well. Whereas other tracks like "Mitral Genesis", "Paragon", "Grave", and "We Who Wander", engulf the listener, ever so further that it takes the instrumentals and vocals to another level entirely. It is as if the music itself, is really invading the mind of all who hear it, it intensifies with each listen. It keeps you entertained at all costs, keeping the heaviness on a never ending flow of melody and intensity.

Thus, this album by Inverted Serenity is by far one that will delight as well as persuade those into liking metal, more so than they need to. It has shown a development of evolvement from an act, who refuses to back down.

Southern California singer/songwriter Matt Westerman has just premiered his new single “One Fine Day” over on The anthemic and empowering track is the first single off of Matt’s debut EP, “Life Out Loud,” which will see a release on November 3rd.

Matt had this to say about the track: “The song is basically my motto for making this whole EP. It is about waking up and deciding today is the day I am going to take a chance and go after my dreams! Mostly it is about having the courage to be who you want to be."

Fans can expect more of Westerman’s feel good vibes on his debut EP, “Life Out Loud,” when it drops in the Fall. Joining Westerman on the record is a veritable “who’s who” of notable session players. Pedal steel player Marty Rifkin – long time Bruce Springsteen collaborator  – showcases his talents on the record. Westerman is also joined by session journeyman Sean Hurley on bass who has performed on John Mayer’s records and is currently on tour with Idina Menzel. The finely nuanced production on “Life Out Loud” is credited to Brad Swanson, whose tracks can be heard in popular shows like  Smallville, CSI, Ghost Whisperer, and more.

Featuring bright stand-out tracks like “One Fine Day,” “She’s More,”  and “Don’t Give Up On You” the EP is sure to win over admirers of the singer/songwriter genre and fans of modern contemporaries like Passenger, Jack Johnson, and Brett Dennen. By fusing his main influences that range from Neil Young to Dave Matthews to Coldplay, Westerman has crafted an original collection of songs that expertly fuse the pop sounds of the past and present.

Check out “One Fine Day” which an be heard right HERE.

To stay current on all things Matt Westerman be sure to follow him on social media.

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

Lydia Can't Breathe has released a new video for the track "Adventure Out".

"We are proud to announce the video release for "Adventure Out" the first single off our upcoming album Tastes New. The song was written after a night out with my drummer Josh. It is based on a guy meeting an attractive female while out with his friends. After pursuing her, the two hook-up however the guy moves on quickly and she is left upset thinking about what they could have had. We wanted to write something relatable from both perspectives. As an example of how love can be cruel and one sided at times. This song is ultimately about the trials of finding love and realizing things are not always what they seem." - Vocalist, Kyle Bolduc

Check it out right HERE.

This November/December, Allegaeon will embark on a North American tour as direct support to Ne Obliviscaris! See below for all dates.


Nov. 1 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of The Hill
Nov. 2 - Los Angeles, CA - Whisky A Go Go
Nov. 3 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar
Nov. 4 - Salt Lake City, UT - Loading Dock
Nov. 5 - Denver, CO - Globe Hall
Nov. 7 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
Nov. 8 - Portland, OR - Dantes
Nov. 9 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theater
Nov. 11 - Calgary, AB - Dickens
Nov. 13 - Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre
Nov. 14 - St Paul, MN - Amsterdam
Nov. 16 - Chicago, IL - Reggie's
Nov. 17 - Cleveland, OH - Foundry
Nov. 18 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
Nov. 19 - Montreal, QC - Les Foufounes Electriques
Nov. 20 - Boston, MA - Sonia
Nov. 22 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
Nov. 24 - Greensboro, NC - Blind Tiger
Nov. 25 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
Nov. 26 - Orlando, FL - Haven
Nov. 28 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
Nov. 29 - Ft. Worth, TX - Rail Club
Nov. 30 - Houston, TX - Acadia Live
Dec. 1 - Austin, TX - Come & Take It Live
Dec. 3 - Phoenix, AZ - Club Red
Dec. 4 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room

Cripper has released a new video for "Into The Fire". Comments CRIPPER on the video: "The video for "Into The Fire" is our 8th music video. So what do you do as a band to not bore yourself with repetition? Right, you crank it up to 11 and take it to the next level! 'Into The Fire' is not only the track that inspired us for our upcoming album's title 'Follow Me: Kill!', it is also one of the album's bosses so to speak. Music, lyrics, story and performance mark another milestone in CRIPPER's history. Many thanks at this point to our friends who once more helped us bringing our madness to life with this self-made video production by delivering brilliant performances and lending us their muscles and brains to make things work. We owe you!" Check it HERE.

Ready to be initiated into The Strokes inner circle? Well thanks to Lesser Gods fans can do just that with an intimate photo narrative of the band in ‘The Strokes: The First Ten Years’. This book is the first authorized visual record featuring hundreds of images from their early years from photographer Cody Smyth, who describes the endeavor as “a peerless window into the group through the lens of a close friend who was there before it even began.“ There's also a special introduction courtesy of iconic photographer Mick Rock, aka "The Man Who Shot the Seventies."

See an exclusive preview of the book hosted by SPIN, here:

Handsomely housed in an exceptional package that combines premium art paper for the photography and a textured stock for the text sections, including a special dust jacket design, the book features hundreds of color and black and white images of the band in public and in private. A truly personal look at the rise of The Strokes—one of the biggest and most enduring bands in the world.

More info & pre-orders ‘The Strokes: The First Ten Years’, here:

Corrington Wheeler likes to play with music, as children like to play with their food. This concept being quite fun for him, as he plays with such genres as hard rock, post-hardcore, r&b, and acoustic pop rock, that brings together a style that truly mixes the genres up to sounding impressive yet detailed. His latest works "Seeking Light", is an album that features an array of guest appearances from numerous artists from various acts, The Color Morale, Sycamour, Jamie's Elsewhere, among others. Thus, each of his song's is like a photograph it is only the split second of a story to be told, therefore Corrington has offered a much deeper insight behind these songs upon his official website found HERE. With that, Corrington has gone on to promote his singles, accompanying videos, the album and performances as well. He has taken the time to go into discussion about all of this material, needed to be discussed right here, right now.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do as Corrington Wheeler, and how long have you been a musician?

I'm a performing solo-artist that sings both Post-hardcore and R&B. I released my first music video in August and then my first EP Traveling East in October, 2015. Since then I've released a full length album called Seeking Light that features Sebastian Elizondo of Darkness Divided from Victory Records, Jeremy Gilmore of Sycamour from Hopeless Records, Garret Rapp of The Color Morale from Fearless Records, Ryan Tyler of Viridian, Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker from Spinefarm Records, and London Kyle of Jamie's Elsewhere. On July 21st, 2016 I started performing and have since been fortunate enough to perform with national acts such as Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt, Seasons After, Vesperteen, Bobaflex, Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf, and Alien Ant Farm.

2. How did the name Corrington Wheeler come up and tell me what does it mean to you? Has anyone ever called you Joey Wheeler from the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh since you both have the last namesake?

My full name is very unique and helps me dominate SEO, so it's great for marketing. What it means to me is that Corrington Wheeler isn't a person, he's an idea; a person that chases his dreams no matter the cost, a highly analytical individual that works hard and inspires others. I actually have been called Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh before and also Wheeler from Captain Planet haha.

3. If your solo artist why do you have a supporting band to back you up? Wouldn't that make you more of a band than a solo artist?

As a solo-artist, I finance the entire project, write all the music, pay for production, direct and edit all the music videos, sell the merchandise, handle marketing, promotions, and run the entire operation. The band is specifically to play live shows with me, this odd setup has made for simplicity and accelerated growth. A full band normally has to unanimously agree for every step along the way, but I can just decide and keep pressing on without slowing down.

4. Where are you based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local artists or bands you could recommend?

I recently moved to Houston, Texas just last years from Japan. I was stationed in Okinawa while I was a Meteorologist for the United States Air Force. There are plenty of very talented artists everywhere, which is the main problem with the music industry; oversaturation. Some of my favorite local artists include The Other LA, Viridian, and Awake At The End.

5. What or whom has influenced your sound and style?

I was originally trained by Phil Druyor of I Am Abomination, so my vocals reflect that pretty intensely. From there, London Kyle produced my Traveling East EP. Bands that I listen to, in order to influence my content when I write include Crown The Empire, Before Their Eyes, Issues, and Deaf Havana.

6. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

I typically contract an engineer to create an instrumental. He’ll send me the finished concept and also a version with suggested vocal melodies, in the form of piano roll. I’ll record a few times to find vocal melodies and harmonies that I like. At that point, I’ll write an entire page or story and then pull small sections from the document and plug it into the song. After I finish recording vocals, I’ll send all the files to the audio engineer for mixing, mastering, vocal pitching, and editing. He sends me the final product, then I send him a ton of money and my first newborn.

7. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

I was fortunate enough to travel to multiple countries at a very young age. Seeing so many different cultures impacted and influenced me in a way that when I returned to America, I could almost see through each society’s illusionistic constructs; I could see what was really important. Each song on my Seeking Light album discuss different lessons that I learned while seeing the world and how my morals changed. Sociology and Philosophy are my main sources of inspiration for all my lyrical content. In the future, I'll start writing about the music industry and the stresses associated with being an independent artist.

8. "Your Erroneous Evil (ft. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker)" is labeled as "Part 2" while "Sociological Structural Functionalism (ft. Eric Ferraro)" is Part 1" while part 2 came out before part 1, so what is the deal between these tracks and their accompany videos? Why the part 1 and 2 and those being mismatched out of order? Do any of the other tracks of "Seeking Light" do the "part" ordeal?

I wanted the two video to tell a metaphoric story, but we ended up finishing the 2nd video before the first because of mechanical issues with the motorcycle that's seen in SSF's video. That forced us to postpone the final video shoots for months. Despite the late release of part one, the two videos have been surprisingly successful. Using promotional campaigns with Rive Video Promo, both music videos for "Sociological Structural Functionalism" and "Your Erroneous Evil" has been played on over 177 global networks cumulative including Video Hits!, PC Music pool, RNR TV, OK! TV, The Cool TV, VH1 India, Havoc TV, Bowling Music Network, Club Com Inc, In-Store Sports Network, ScreenPlay, Promo Only, VJ Pro, Channel M/Play Network, Mood Media, Almen Joi’s Music Video Show, Sidewalks Entertainment, The Insane Show, Xcorps Action Sport TV, KVJ Rocks, Rhythms on The Rockside, DaPow, Access Unlimited TV.

Part one in the story is the music video for “Sociological Structural Functionalism”. It shows Corrington stealing the book of knowledge of the keepers of hidden knowledge, then they pursue him. Throughout the video, we can see Corrington arguing with his faceless ego in his mind. The keeper of the book then is confronted with ego manifested. He then escapes his pursuers, arriving at a circle of cars on motorcycle. Corrington can be seen in each of the cars, showing that Corrington isn’t a person, he’s an idea.

The part two of the story can be seen in the music video for Your Erroneous Evil, which speaks about how greed isn’t fully understood and how everything we do is built off the primitive emotion of selfishness. Corrington obtains the book and begin to preach to the circle of cars, last seen in the previous video. Each car represents a different aspect of his mind, essentially lecturing himself. As the video progresses, the excessive knowledge from the book begins to corrupt him with power.

9. Aside from the singles and videos mentioned above, "Skorkas Witchery (ft. Maico)" was one of the first singles off "Seeking Light". Why was this song chosen as such and what does the accompanying video disclose?

Tada Maico flew from Tokyo down to Okinawa to feature her beautiful guest vocals on the track, which turned out great. It needed to be an ominous duet to fully tell the eerie story about living in a haunted home with no one that will believe you. When I was growing up, I lived in a house that had high paranormal activity and it was traumatizing. The girl in the lyrical video represents my innocents as a child.

10. Are there any plans to release any more singles or videos from the album and will they be a continuation of any of the previously released?

Every song from the album will get an accompanying video, we still have 3 more videos to release. Later this winter, I'll be releasing a new punk-rock single called "Mainsail" that describes my abrasive personality when I first moved out after high school.

11. Why the need of having 8 out of the 9 tracks feature guest spots from numerous artists? How did you manage to get in touch with everyone who was involved? Would you say that these acts were the ones you always dreamt of working with?

Every track on the album was intended to have a guest vocalist, but coordination was difficult. It's not hard to reach out to your favorite artists, it's just not easy to agree on a price for their time. I'm not an avid listener of all the bands that's featured on my album, but it was certainly thrilling to work with some of them.

12. "Gabriel's Assumption", is the only track to not feature a guest spot, why was this the only original track with no one else but you?

This song was originally intended to feature Craig Owens, then Mikey Sawyer of Miss Fortune, but they eventually backed out. In the end, I guess it worked out because now we have one song that's fully original.

13. Whilst this album just came out this past spring time, do you have any new music in the works?

Just the new "Mainsail" song, as previously mentioned. The entire CW team and myself are currently working on Pop, R&B, and hip-hop music to be released next year under an entirely different artist name of just "Corrington". This way we can build off the Corrington Wheeler reputation and still not need to necessarily change a lot of social media platforms. It also won't bleed over, concerning SEO, and will make marketing easier.

14. What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

I don't want to reveal my all my best strategies, but the main thing is to focus on social media. Instagram is our bread and butter, but it's important to funnel all our listeners, no matter what platform, to our website.

15. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Unfortunately, I can't say that I am much different. Nowadays, everyone's talented and releases quality material. To standout I ensure my work ethic, my fan interaction, and my brand is genuine and unique. That's why we use philosophy, masonic influences, a puppet, and use exotic cars.

16. What does next year hold for Corrington Wheeler?

I'm currently in the process of looking for a publicist, manager, producer, and a record label. We're also going to fund multiple PR campaigns to expand our exposure.

17. Where can fans find out more about you?

18. Can you describe Corrington Wheeler in three words?

Philosophy, cars, inspirational.

Pagan black metal band SYN ZE SASE TRI are pleased to reveal their stunning new track "Tarimu De Lumina". The song is taken from the band's upcoming album Zaul Mos which will be released via Code 666 on September 29th 2017. The album was strongly inspired by the bloody myth of the Ancient Dacian Legends of their motherland Transylvania. Listen to the song right HERE.

Pop/rock band Echo Black is proud to be back and unveil their newest single and music video for "Dawn" off their upcoming album of the same title. The band teamed up with Walter Dicristina and Axel Otero to record the song and recruited Chris Newhard (Sia, Jessie J, Train)  to bring the track to life. After premiering their last video for "Chemicals" which was produced by Matt Squire (One Direction, Kesha, Ariana Grande) as well as Andros Rodriguez (Shakira, Justin Timberlake) and also directed by Chris Newhard on Billboard, the band met and exceeded their goal on Indiegogo raising over $13,000 to fund their new release. Dawn is set to drop on Friday, October 13th.

When asked about "Dawn," vocalist Danny Blu said: "We've turned a corner here. This song and video mark the start of a new era for Echo Black. And it humbles us everyday to know that the fans helped us make this happen. To put it plainly: we've been working on this for a very long time now and we're excited, anxious, and a little scared to release it all. New music, new videos, new tours... Echo Black has a lot planned. So we hope you enjoy sound of the starter pistol as much as we enjoy pulling the trigger."

Fans can now watch "Dawn" exclusively on AXS:

Alternative rock quintet Sea In The Sky has announced their debut full length Everything All At Once which is set to be released September 29th. Produced and engineered by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios and mixed and mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio, the musicians show off their maturity after releasing their previous three EPs.

"'Everything All At Once' showcases a blend of musical styles we've all been influenced by. In turn, we hope to influence our fans to be adventurous when exploring music." - Guitarist, Jakob Bray

On the new album, Everything All At Once, the band showcases their melodic, progressive guitar work with smooth, soaring vocals, which will quickly remind you of band's like, CHON, Dance Gavin Dance, and Polyphia.


1. Dreamer
2. Pale Blue Dot
3. Not Too Tall, Not Too Cool
4. Neck Romancer
5. Night Anchor
6. An Appeal To Emotion
7. Imposter Syndrome
8. False Cods
9. Overview Effect
10. Everything All At Once

Hear the band's self-titled single, "Everything All At Once" right HERE.

This November/December, Whitechapel will embark on a North American tour, entitled "Decade of Defilement", to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Somatic Defilement. Featuring Carnifex, Rings of Saturn, Entheos, and So This Is Suffering as support, this trek will also include a set list with select tracks from The Somatic Defilement (some of which have not been played since the album's release!), making this is one show not to be missed! See below for all dates.


Nov. 10 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
Nov. 11 - St Petersburg, FL - State Theater
Nov. 12 - Miami, FL - The Ground
Nov. 14 - Charlotte, NC - The Underground
Nov. 15 - Virginia Beach, VA - Shaka's
Nov. 16 - Baltimore, MD - SoundStage
Nov. 17 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater
Nov. 18 - Reading, PA - Reverb
Nov. 19 - Providence, RI - Fete Ballroom
Nov. 21 - Detroit, MI - Crofoot Ballroom
Nov. 22 - Rochester, NY - Montage Music Hall
Nov. 23 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
Nov. 24 - Kent, OH - Outpost Concert Club
Nov. 25 - Dayton, OH - OddBody's
Nov. 26 - Joliet, IL - The Forge
Nov. 28 - Minneapolis, MN - Cabooze
Nov. 29 - Belvidere, IL - Apollo Theater
Nov. 30 - Des Moines, IA - Val Air Ballroom
Dec. 1 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theater
Dec. 2 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
Dec. 3 - Farmington, NM - Top Deck
Dec. 5 - Los Angeles, CA - Regent Theater
Dec. 6 - Pomona, CA - Glasshouse
Dec. 8 - Mesa, AZ - Club Red
Dec. 9 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
Dec. 10 - Lubbock, TX - Jake's
Dec. 11 - Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey
Dec. 12 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom
Dec. 13 - Austin, TX - Come and Take It LIve
Dec. 14 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar
Dec. 15 - Memphis, TN - Hi Tone
Dec. 16 - Knoxville, TN - The Intersection